Debut: Adel

I have a couple of really ugly chairs that I came across a few months ago and needed to figure out something to do with them.  Well, one to go. This is Adel.  She is a desk and chair set named after a little forgotten town in southeastern Oregon that has a ton of charm.   Population … [Read more...]

Autumn Tablescape & Snapshots

Today, class is outside.  It is a leisure day.  Fall days continue and it is time for another tablescape.  October tablescape.  It is all set up waiting for the weekend when all of our kids will be here for dinner. Oh how I wish I was a professional photographer!Anyway, here is a list of what is on the … [Read more...]

DIY: Headboard

Months ago, I decided it was time to update my son's room.  Well, to be honest, it was his request.  He had been flipping through a PB Teen magazine (don't tell my husband that!) and told me it was time.  He was done with the little kid stuff.  He wanted big.  He wanted cool.  He wanted awesome. It … [Read more...]

Painting Stripes On A Wall

Good Tuesday morning to you!I don't know about you, but I love graphics - stripes, chevron, Greek key, ikat patterns and other geometric designs.  Stripes are probably my favorite because they are what I consider a "graphic neutral."  They work well with any decor style.  Grain sack striping.  … [Read more...]

DIY: Tiered Serving Platters

What a great weekend!  Lots of fun, food and spectacular fall weather!  Take a look at these -At Christmas, the adults in my family do a gift exchange where the gifts can only be homemade/handcrafted.  Last year, I received a serving platter from a relative that was made from a plate, bowl and candlestick. - … [Read more...]

Debut: Riverbed

Heading up to Washington for the open house at LaFavorites where pieces from Turnstyle Vogue are being featured!  Then, back to Oregon tonight for a very busy weekend ahead...lots of family, volleyball game (GO ERYN!),  Duck game (GO DUCKS!), haunted corn maze, wine barrel hunting, pumpkin patch, football game (GO … [Read more...]

Versatile Blogger & LaFavorites

Another Thursday!I have a couple of things to share today.  First, I was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by not one, but two, readers:Sharon at From Rags To Rainbows and Heather at Inspire Me HeatherA big thank you to both of them!  The rules for this award are:1. Thank and link back to the … [Read more...]

Old Windows

How many of you love old windows like I do?To me, a window has secrets to tell. It was once a functional part of somebody's life.  Their story.  When I look at an old window I always wonder what the house looked like that it came from, who lived there and what became of the homestead and those who occupied … [Read more...]

Wood Pallet Shelving

Good morning!  First, a reveal.  Then, a confession.REVEAL:CONFESSION:So.....I didn't have immediate access to wood pallets (I'm a little impatient sometimes) but I did have access to dunnage.  Dunnage is the wood material used to make pallets.  While I wanted to construct my shelves with old pallet wood, I … [Read more...]

Debut: Blackberry

Hope you had a great weekend.  Every minute of ours was filled.  I need another weekend to recover.  I have a cute shelf to show you.  Remember the three-tiered plant shelves that you could buy from big box stores about 10-12 years ago?  I have a couple of them to redo and here is one of them … [Read more...]