Color Me Christmas: GREEN

Good morning! 

We are going GREEN for part two of my Christmas color mini-series.

Given the natural elements you can pull into a green scheme, there are so many possibilities for anyone, from rustic to modern, country to contemporary, minimalist to collective.

Let’s have a look.

1) I think this is an absolutely stunning tablescape using simple greens, florals and produce.  The white linen backdrop is perfect especially when combined with the large hurricane filled with pistachios.  Not too bright and not too ivory.  If you don’t have a white tabletop (as most people do not) then a canvas drop cloth from your local home improvement store would make the perfect tablecloth in lieu of linen (just be sure to choose the right color as they can usually be found in two different white tones.)  Look this over and see how simplistic it really is:


2)  This mantel looks very elegant but if you look closely you will see that it is just a variety of greens and candles.  You can order boxwood wreaths from a local nursery – or opt for traditional fir, cedar or hemlock as well.  I believe the boxwood wreath shown below is from Pottery Barn.  The sheet music candles can be purchased, or you can find many DIY tutorials in blog land on how to make them yourself.  Shop your local antique store for some vintage candlesticks, or buy new, to add height and shine.  Include a mirror in the background to reflect the candlelight and and you have created a classy display that will wow your guests:  



3)  How cool is this little vignette?  These paper spheres can be found at most party stores – or online of course.  I love the vintage white bulbs paired with the photo.  A few dollars of green goes a long way here:


4)  Oh my gosh.  For those of you with a bare wall, or have perhaps just moved into a new home and don’t have art on the walls yet, this is for you. You don’t need a green wall for impact.  The large pattern will do all of the work:

Pinned Image

5)  I would sit in this room all day. Hmm…I think I can count three bottles of champagne!


6)  Here is a tree with a variety of green hues and whimsy.  The lime baubles take it to the next level and the green velvet curtains provide an assist:

Lime Light items and quantities used for this tree: 2312512 (06) Snowflake Ornament  2612523 (06) Snowflake Ornament  2905610 (06) Pinwheel Ornament  2905743 (06) Ball Spray  2905744 (06) Ball Spray  2905917 (08) Scroll Ball Ornament  2906282 (08) Glittered Ornament  2912507 (06) Glittered Star Ornament  2912508 (04) Spiral Ornament  2912539 (06) Beaded Snowflake Ornament  2912540 (06) Snowflake Ornament  2915559 (06) Finial Ornament  2920003 (06) Clip-on Flower  2926077 (06) Beaded Finial Ornament  2926078 (06) Flocked Ornament  2954530 (06) Glittered Ornament  2956401 (08) Beaded Ornament  2956403 (09) Beaded Ornament  2956405 (09) Beaded Ornament  F2801881 (08) Plated Holly Spray  F2810349 (06) Glittered Fern Spray  F2905741 (04) Sequin Loop Spray  F2909628 (06) Glittered Curly Spray  F2910430 (08) Glittered Fern Spray  F2956626 (08) Glittered Pine Spray  G2906631 (06) Glittered Wire Garland  M2900284 (01) 7.5’ Pre-lit Noble Fir Tree  R2971774 (02) Striped Wire Ribbon (page

7)  Here is another simple DIY project great centerpiece.  Use floral foam and gather greens from your yard. Spray paint pine/fir cones a silvery green and add a metallic bow for a creative gift to give to a teacher, book club, neighbor, etc…:


8)  Yesterday I showed you an idea for dressing up your dining room chair with red ribbon.  Here is another idea using the same runner that you use on your table.  If necessary, you can substitute the runner with the chair bows found at Michael’s.  I think it would be fun to find a variety of green scarves and tie them to the back if you want a more casual look but you certainly can’t go wrong with this:


 9)  If only I could cross my arms and blink twice… There isn’t much to say except say that there isn’t much to say.  Who knows, somebody might be able to recreate this.  At minimum, perhaps it will inspire a great idea.  Notice that this appears to be the back porch:


10)  This is great for those of you, like me, who have a lot of windows and little or no window treatments.  For me it is by choice, but regardless, this adds seasonal flair:


 11)  If you are all about “country cottage” then go get a can of paint and add a soft tint of green to the inside of a cabinet or bookshelf:


12)  A ceramic bowl, some moss and good ol’ Granny Smiths create an instant wow factor:



13)  Instead of all white twinkle lights, go bold this year and go with one color.  I did this for a few years, using all green lights on a tree that was decorated with 99% red and it was beautiful!  Take it up a notch and go with the throwback bulb:


14)  There is nothing better than gathering everyone together to watch a Christmas movie in front of the fire – but it isn’t complete unless you have some cozy throws throughout the house that people can grab at any moment.  You can find great ones at both ends of the pricing scale.  They add just the right finishing touch to your holiday home.  This gorgeous throw was handmade (!!) by Felicia Lo in Vancouver, B.C.


15) And once again, my green finale is one of my own. Another DIY ornament:


Here is the DIY tutorial!

If you want your home to scream fresh, then go GREEN

If you are still thinking RED, then go here.

’til tomorrow,

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    What a pretty post, it was hard to pick a favorite picture. Laura