Blog Survey – I Need Your Feedback!

Mornin'!I need your help!  I'm in the process of making some changes at Turnstyle Vogue and I would love to have input from you.  If you would please take the time to complete the multiple choice survey below, I would appreciate it beyond measure.  Really!!Your identity will not be disclosed to me so please … [Read more...]

Before & After Removing Veneer

Happy Monday to all of you.   Today we are going back in time.  For some, it might feel like it is yesterday since I haven't been blogging all that long.  If that is the case, just humor me!   I received many emails and questions in response to my post on  How To Remove Veneer.  In … [Read more...]

Shopping For Spring

The end of the week has arrived.  Yesterday was a sunny day but more storms are coming in.  As much as I'd love to fast forward to summer, right now I would just settle for spring.  Normally, I love winter, but this has not been a real winter.  It has been a dreary mess. I am anxious for … [Read more...]

Girl vs. Dust: A Story About Shelves

Restyling shelves, decorating shelves

Is everyone making it through the week ok?  Any project casualties?  I was attacked by dust.  In my den.  I have neglected it over the last couple of weeks.  Good thing it has big sliding doors with baroque glass - can't see a thing when you walk on by.  I'm a genius!Genius until the guilt set … [Read more...]

Pinterest Tryouts: Pumpkin Muffins

Hello all.How many of you pin recipe after recipe and never get around to actually trying them out?  I'm guilty.  I have tried a couple but I have a lot more pinned that I'd like to try.   Yesterday while eating my lunch I decided to try one out for last night's dessert - Pumpkin Muffins.  The pin … [Read more...]

Winter Mantel & Decor

Hey there!How many of you transition your Christmas mantels into winter mantels?  How about your home decor?  I generally do, but keep it very subtle.  I incorporate browns and whites using a visual of snow covered tree branches/cones/fence posts, etc... as my inspiration.  It is that same visual that … [Read more...]

January Tablescape: Winter Woods

Hello to you and a new week!It is time for another tablescape:   Winter WoodsThe vase has frosted floral cone picks recycled from my Christmas greenery. I used my everyday winter-white dishes and linen napkins, paired with dessert plates with a metallic leaf motif.  In lieu of a napkin ring, I wrapped the plate … [Read more...]

Charging Station Secretary

Good Friday morning to all of you. Do you remember Ashland?  Ashland is a personal piece of ours - not a piece that is for sale.   Since I already have a desk/office set up, I really don't have the need to use this piece as a true secretary.  So, time to find a new function for it. Enter a charging … [Read more...]

This Post Will Be The Highlight Of Your Day!

Yesterday was one of those days - a lot going on but not much of it was worthy of a blog post. Not yet, anyway.  We started a little project last night after dinner but decided to sit down and enjoy the rest of the evening with the kids so it won't be done until later today.  For starters … [Read more...]

FOUND: Art Deco Glassware

Good Wednesday morning to you all. I want to share with you a fab find  - these ruby red art deco wine glasses.Stunning, I say.Is the detachable chrome stem not the coolest feature ever?These were produced from the late 30's to early 50's.  I think they are spectacular and will be perfect for Valentine and Christmas … [Read more...]