Fun Uses For Mason Jars

Hey everyone.

Mason jars have become a staple for the DIY decorating scene. I use them all the time for a variety purposes. I have boxes of them in my garage in assorted sizes that I go to quite often.

I thought it would be fun to share some ideas that people have been pinning.


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Candy Jars. Great idea to display any of your favorite things!

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I picture this hanging above a very rustic table. Beautiful.

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We’ve done something similar in our orchard and it really is a stunning display on those summer nights.

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I love the simplicity of this.

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Spruce those lids up!

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Another simple lighting display.

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I have seen various versions of this idea, but have yet to try it. Have you?

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I love everything about this picture – not just the mason jars. Great display of function & beauty.

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Using dryer clamps to hang the jars for a variety of storage options.

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Chalkboard labels. If only they stayed looking this nice.

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These two pictures are from Alyssa’s fall wedding. We also scattered them throughout our flowerbeds and surrounding areas.

At the kids’ bar...
And here is my take on the dryer clamp trend. An herb garden. This was one of our family DIY gifts that I made for our Christmas exchange.

Do you have any upcoming projects using mason jars?

Be inspired,

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  1. I love Mason jars. You've shared some really cute ideas. I have some really old ones that I've collected over the years. BTW…where did you find the lids in the candy picture?

  2. I think I can add a mason jar craft or two to my list and it's easy to get Brawn interested in a project when it uses stuff you can buy at Home Depot.


  3. Vintage Paints says:

    I am a huge fan of Mason Jars, too! I put flowers in them, use them as pen/pencil holders..etc. I've seen the meals in Mason Jars and want to do that, too! So cool!