March Top Five

Happy Friday!Here we are….at the end of another month.  I’m happy we stormed (no pun intended) through March quickly because each day that goes by means we are one day closer to summer-like weather.  I guess I should say it means I am one day closer since many of you have been experiencing it for weeks now.  Yeah … [Read more...]

DIY: Paint With Dots Plate

Good  morning,I have yet another DIY for you today.  Not sure how long these DIY’s will last, but for now, let’s go with it. LOL.I have a stack of clear glass plates and decided I could spare one to turn into a spring display. This is a very simple and fairly quick project. First, you need to print out a graphic that … [Read more...]

Clean Your Garbage Disposal With These!

Hello everybody - One of my daily tasks when cleaning my kitchen is cleaning my garbage disposal as well.  I can’t stand the idea of food sitting in there over a period of time or residue that creates odor.  I used to buy citrus cleaning tablets that you would drop in and grind away.  They worked fine but cost … [Read more...]

Spring Porch 2012

Good morning,While we can still see snow in the mountains around us, we can finally see our grass and orchard again which motivated me to go ahead and get our porch ready to welcome guests and welcome spring.  Yesterday, I showed you my doormat so today is the whole she-bang. I found this basket at Pottery Barn late … [Read more...]

DIY: Spring Doormat

It is not only a new week, but it is Spring Break 2012 for our household. We are staying close to home this year and just doing whatever comes to mind  - and whatever fits into work schedules (unfortunately.) I wanted to give you a quick peek at something that will be on my porch for the season.  My doormat.You may … [Read more...]

Indian Summer: A Hutch Revisited

Happy Friday!Today is another look-back at a piece that I debuted on my second day of blogging.  I didn't even link up with anyone!So, this is a piece that I loved the minute I saw it in its sad lonely state.  I knew that I wanted to turn it into a comfort piece.  Something to put in your home and make you feel as … [Read more...]

DIY: Wire Baskets Spring-i-fied

Good Happy Thursday!Yesterday, I showed you how to create three baskets out of fencing wire.Today is the fun part - getting them all prettied up for spring.Small square basket:I spray painted it a pale green and used rainbow ribbon, weaving it in and out all the way around.  Remember that the seam for the basket … [Read more...]

DIY: Wire Baskets

Good morning,I was out in the shop the other day prepping some furniture and remembered that I had a small roll of wire fencing that was waiting to be used.  I have a purpose for it but decided I could afford to spare a few feet  to make some wire baskets for spring. I cut enough off to make three baskets:A large … [Read more...]

The Anatomy Of A Paintbrush

Hello there,Get out your pencils and notebooks because it is class time.For all of you painters, how well do you really know your brush?Everybody can paint, but knowledge is power and the more you know about brushes, the better you will be.  While I’m certainly not a brush expert, I can share a little nugget of Brush 101 … [Read more...]

Spring Mantel 2012

Good morning,It is mantel time once again.  Mantels are one of my favorite focal points in a home because they are transitional.  Don’t have a mantel?  Use a shelf or the top of a credenza to create seasonal displays. Some of you, like me, have your flat-screen televisions above your mantel which doesn’t allow for … [Read more...]