Planning A Fall Wedding?

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I know it is March and our minds certainly are not on fall…unless one of you is planning a fall wedding that is.  I thought the timing might be right to take a look back at my daughter’s September wedding. 

It was a great day.  Gorgeous day.  Perfect day.

The ceremony was in our orchard while the reception was in our backyard.

I guess you could call it rustic vintage elegance.  Picture a potpourri of textures:  satin, burlap, linen, copper, wood, hay, with sunflowers, wine, kids activity table, great food, awesome music and wonderful people. 

I posted about the ceremony here and the reception  here .

I thought I’d revisit some of those pictures to maybe inspire an idea or two for brides-to-be who are still planning and looking for ideas.

Pergola wedding

John and I built this pergola from some trees at the back of our property.  No “blueprint”…we just started putting it together to be what we thought it should look like. 

We had the florist wrap it with thick copper wire and adorn it with large sunflowers. 
Jason and Alyssa even carved their initials in it.  Now it is theirs to use in their own yard.


The guests walked down a roped off path throughout our filbert trees.  Along the walk, they came across chalkboards that identified each member of the wedding party with a picture of them attached by a clothespin.  This was a hit with many guests and so easy to do – yet a unique idea that added some whimsy.

- By the way, if you are planning an outdoor wedding and want a beautiful wedding song, please search for The Mountain Wedding Song online and listen to it.  It is with a fiddle and a great alternative to the traditional wedding march.  

We placed canvas drop cloths from the home improvement store down on the ground as the aisle.  It was perfect because it was heavy duty so the wind couldn’t blow it around and the ladies’ heels did not puncture holes in it. 



We made cards with the guests’ names and the table number they were assigned to and then clipped them to a rope that was strung between filbert trees.  As the guests walked out of the orchard, they found their name card.

This is our old farm truck.  It was perfect to place at the end of our long driveway directing guests to the parking area.  We had the sign made by a local sign company.


Favors for the guests included these little burlap bags filled with filberts harvested from our orchard and a recipe inside.  “We Are Nuts For Each Other”

In addition, the linen napkins were held in place by rocks that we stamped with fun little quotes.  Guests took these home as well.

We chose striped linen tablecloths to add yet another texture.  The table was set with copper chargers, china, linen napkins, wine and water glasses. 

We printed the menu on cardstock and adhered that to coordinating papers with a ribbon tied through the top.  They were tucked into the napkins.

We put little tin pails filled with trailmix at each setting.
The centerpieces were wood rounds with the table number burned into them.  A simple ivory pillar candle and hurricane surrounded with a fresh sunflower ring completed it.


The table for the wedding party included a long, and very full floral garland with sunflowers, carnations, snapdragons and other gorgeous fall flowers.

I sliced wine corks and placed name cards in each for the wedding party members and their guests.

While the guests sat on standard white rental chairs, the wedding party was seated on vintage wooden chairs.


We had a large tent that had three identical buffet lines/tables underneath to allow us to move guests through faster.  At the end of the tent was a kids’ table that had chicken strips, PB & J’s, applesauce, carrots, macaroni and cheese, and assorted candy in mason jars.   The kids loved it and it prevented the “good” food such as smoked salmon and prawns being wasted by a little one who may not have appreciated what was on their plate.


The ceremony took place late in the afternoon so being outdoors and away from city lights, lighting was certainly an issue we had to address when planning the reception.

We placed over 250 solar lights in the orchard  at the base of surrounding trees– truly a spectacular sight!

We hung lanterns in the trees that bordered our yard.

We placed numerous mason jars, of varying sizes and shapes,  in and around our flower beds with votive candles.

And rope lights bordered the dance floor.


I don’t have pictures of some other key elements at the moment, but I thought that I’d share some of those ideas as well…

As people entered the reception area, they were greeted with vintage wine barrels that had pictures of Alyssa and Jason at many ages, done in sepia, in antique frames.  These same barrels were at the end of each buffet table as well.

Numerous bales of hay were placed around the area with large pots of mums in deep fall hues.

We had a coffee bar near the regular bar that included all the fun things like flavored syrups, chocolate sticks, etc…

We had a kids activity table with puzzles, coloring books, cards and games just outside the main reception area.

And may I suggest that if you are doing an outdoor wedding…rent one or two port-a-potties and a handwashing station.  Very important…and close off your house as much as possible. 

Don’t forget to plan an efficient parking system that will allow people to get in and out safely.  Parking was at the back of our property so we had a couple of people directing them where to park as they arrived and we set up generators and lighting so people could see to get to their cars when they left.

I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention some other details, but I think this covers a majority of it. 

I hope it gives a bride or two some ideas for their upcoming wedding.  Such a fun time!

For more pictures, click on the links at the beginning of the post!  All pictures in this post were taken by Studio Coburg with the exception of the pergola.


My wonderful family!

Eryn, John, Alyssa, Jason, Me, Cassidy & Joey.


And the happy couple.  Even still.  LOL. (just kidding!!)

Be inspired,

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  1. Alycia Nichols says:

    Oh, wow! Wow!!!!! Every day is a good day to look at weddign photos! I don't care if it's a fall wedding, a winter wedding, a martian wedding…I just love to look at wedding photos! What on earth did you guys do with all those wood rounds that served as centerpiece risers/table numbers??? Yikes! I can only imagine how much time and effort went into them! The little burlap bags with filberts are cute. Good for you guys to provide a kids' area with kid-friendly food. We all know most little kids don't like foods prepared for adult palates, so why not give 'em what you KNOW they'll eat and not waste? It just makes good sense! (I as a little kid would be an exception to that rule as I developed a fondness for boullibaisse at age 6!) I'm trying to imagine how long and tedious it must have been to set in all that lighting….it makes my head hurt! :-) That's love for you! This wedding obviously was created by, surrounded by, and steeped in love! Have a great weekend, and thanks for sharing all the great photos! If you ever come across photos of the other elements that you didn't have pictures of, I would love to see them, too!

  2. I loved looking at these. What a beautiful wedding :)

  3. Miriam@BeBookBound says:

    Well I am in no way planning a wedding right now, but it is sure lovely to look through these lovely pictures. It looks like a spectacular occasion. Thanks for sharing, and letting us all dream a bit :)

  4. Honey at 2805 says:

    What a beautiful wedding, just full of great ideas for an outdoor wedding! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! Your participation is always appreciated!

  5. Honey at 2805 says:

    What a beautiful wedding, just full of great ideas for an outdoor wedding! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! Your participation is always appreciated!

  6. The Other Me Is Sane says:

    love your wedding decor. those flowers make it look so festive, yet fashionable.

  7. Entertaining Women says:

    Love the numbered wood table rounds. When my daughter was married, I cut, designed and fired numbered clay tiles. After the wedding, they used the appropriate tiles for the address marker on their first home. You've included so many marvelous personal touches here….inspiration at every turn. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay