DIY’s and Guest Post

Basic RGB

Welcome to a new week!  I’m guest posting today at The Project Queen and giving a little insight about my ongoing relationship with DIY projects. I’m finishing up a mid-century dresser and plan on debuting it before Friday if all goes well. I will also be posting another DIY this week … [Read more...]

Recipe For Terra Cotta Paint


Hellooooooo! Yesterday, I showed you my knock off tutorial for the Ballard Designs Aged Terra Cotta pot and promised you I’d give you the recipe for the Terra Cotta paint color I created in the process. It is very simple. 8 parts Barcelona Orange 4 parts Arles 2 parts Primer Red 1 part … [Read more...]

DIY: Ballard Designs Knock Off

Good morning,How many of you shop Ballard Designs?  Or, at minimum, browse their décor and make a mental list of what you want in your home?  I have been thinking about the outdoors for a while now and something caught my eye:Ballard DesignsWhen I saw these, it was one of those “I can do that” moments.  As … [Read more...]

Survey "Fixed"

Darn surveys...Some of you may have noticed the survey was malfunctioning. I changed it up so you can now answer the questions in standard format. Hope to see you back over there - and sorry to those of you who already attempted it.  :( … [Read more...]

Summer Color Survey: 3 Questions

Good morning,Are you paying attention to the calendar?  Can you believe that it is almost May?  In just a few short weeks, Mother’s Day will have come and gone, we will be finalizing our Memorial Day weekend plans and the kids will be counting down the final days of school. Yikes!blogs.besd.netAnd do I dare say … [Read more...]

Ugly Chair Makeover Version Two

Hey everyone,Remember this chair, Adel?  Do you remember what it started out as?  Oh so ugly.This is how I got rid of the lion this time around:While they may not be masterpieces, they are certainly an upgrade from the ugly lion!***I want to send a big thanks to Kammy for featuring my little table, Birch!  My … [Read more...]

Cool Montana Architecture

Good morning on this start to a new week!We arrived back from Montana yesterday.  It was a quick trip that didn’t allow for much more than exploring the college campus and grabbing some meals downtown.  I did manage to take a few pictures – but mostly of the architecture and not of the scenery.   Since I know … [Read more...]

Hello From Montana!

Good morning!We are in Montana today doing a college visit with Eryn!  So no post about DIY, furniture, décor, etc…Just about life.She plans on majoring in kinesiology.She wants the outdoors…hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, etc…  She wants athletics.She wants sand volleyball  (uh…Eryn….there is no sand in … [Read more...]

Color Personality Test by BHG

Hey there!Sharpen your pencils and wipe the sweat off your brow.  It is test time!!But no studying required.  Whew!!I was on one of my take-a-moment-for-myself browsing sites, Better Homes And Gardens , and came across this  fun color quiz.   I took it and wasn't surprised with the result. I … [Read more...]

Potting Bench Beauty

Good morning!I don’t know if it is the teasing of 70+ degree weather, the sight of a few hummingbirds already, or the buds on my dogwoods that are forming, but I have an early ambition to get some of planting done. John, aka Mr. Honey-Do takes care of the property and the landscaping – and he is pretty darn good at it.  … [Read more...]