Hiding Your Box Spring

Good morning,

One question:  do you like bed skirts?

They have never been my favorite thing so about five years ago, I quit using them.  Obviously that left the ugly box spring exposed so my solution was to use fitted sheets.  

It isn’t glamorous, but it does hide the box spring. 

I pulled the bedding back so you could see:   




Man…somebody needs to steam those wrinkles out!  Ignore those please!

You don’t need the best quality, you just need coverage.  I purchase an inexpensive set of sheets that match my bedding and regular (sleep-quality) sheets and cover the box spring.  It has worked great.  I like being able to see underneath the bed because it prevents everybody from shoving their stuff under there.  I hate that. 

One exception:  Eryn.  She still prefers a bed skirt.  She has stuff.  I don’t even want to look….

Plus, you get extra pillow cases and can use the extra top sheets for utility purposes.

Now, if you want to get really creative, here is an awesome way to do it from Urban Nest.   She covered her box spring as if it was upholstery and it is awesome. 

Visit her site by clicking on the link for the full tutorial.

Or, if you are like me and look for a quick fix “until I can get to that” then go get some fitted sheets and cover those babies up!

Now I will say that a lot of bed skirts these days are more tailored and not so fluffly/ruffled/droopy.  If I was to switch back, I think I’d be okay with those.  

Do you have a love/hate thing going on with your bed skirt?  Do you have another alternative?  

Have a great day!  Be sure to come back tomorrow. I have something fun to show you!

Be inspired,

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  1. Herballistic Garden says:

    You know? I knew there was a reason I was holding off making my bedskirt I had planned. You've given me food for thought now because I really like my bed showing….hmmmmm. Thanks! xo wendy

  2. Do you never cease to have great ideas??? I would just LOVE to crawl inside your head for a while. ;) Well, there's another thing to add on the to-do list. Especially because I DESPISE bedskirts. :D

  3. My daughter's bed doesn't really allow for a bed skirt since its actually one of those Ikea numbers with drawers built into the base – love it! We use the fitted sheet method to cover the box spring, too. However, my son's bed has a tailored bed skirt that I would be loathe to remove since like Eryn, he has a LOT of stuff. Looking forward to upholstering my master bedroom box spring. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I keep my much too large shoe collection under my bed, so this would not work for me :)

  5. Courtney says:

    Great idea! I really want to try this. I hate looking at box springs. ;)

  6. This is great! I have my little one's beds sitting right on the floor so this could be a solution for us, thank you!