Touches Of Spring Décor @ Home

Good morning,

As we approach Easter, I thought I’d share how I put a little spring in my home and make it fresh.


WARNING:  This is kind of a long post…a lot of pictures.  Smile

For color, I go green.  Green is one of my favorite colors to use throughout the year.  For spring, it is happy green.  You know what I’m talking about – that really vibrant green that gets you excited to go outside.  The skin of an apple, the grass that has seen a week of sunshine, the base of all things bloomin’ and buddin’.



Almost all of the things I use to transition my home into the season are simple things that, when grouped together, can become spring.  I may have a green bottle tucked away somewhere but when I pull it out, add a few branches, it has become spring.  I take my winter white vase and add some eucalyptus and all of sudden “winter” is no longer part of the equation.  House plants become relevant, and of course natural textures are always significant. 







Something you will see as you walk through our entry:


I showed you my mantel last week.  You can go here for more pictures.


There are two main things that I do to anchor the transition.  First, I always switch my slipcovers on my furniture in our great room.  For fall and winter, it is a walnut chenille.  Once spring arrives, the white twill goes on and stays until the end of summer – and once that white goes on, spring has arrived in my mind – regardless of the calendar or the weather!


I also change my pillow covers each season.  It is fun for me to be able to change the look instantly with such an easy task.  My pillows are fillers but you can certainly put another cover right over the top of any pillow.  A lot of places sell just the covers now so rather than buy all new pillows (and then have to find a place to store them in the off season) go get some covers.  I store them in an old Norge wash basin in my great room.  Covers for all seasons!



A little touch in my kitchen as well goes a long way.


And some color at the door…


A peek at my dining room…


Finally, here is a reminder of what my front porch looks like right now:


Whew!  Are you still with me?  You can thank me now that I didn’t drag you through other rooms!

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Be inspired,

PS:  For some wacky reason, the text of this post is coming through with different fonts even though it was typed in only one font!!  I’m not even going to try to figure that one out.  

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  1. T. Cashion says:

    Where did you get that pretty little bird's nest? I love it.

  2. Sharon @ mrshinesclass says:

    I love all of your Spring touches; simple and elegant. That's my favorite design style.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  3. I love it all, Shari. Where did you get your white slip covers from? Would LOVE to order some. :)

  4. amy of the salvage collection says:

    yes, more about the slipcovered furniture, please! pottery barn???

  5. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Really pretty Shari! I love all the fresh green touches!

  6. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Really pretty Shari! I love all the fresh green touches!