The DIY Project Party Monthly Contest is HERE


Happy Friday everybody! It’s true.  The DIY Club has asked me to host their DIY Project Party Monthly Contest for June and it is time to link up!  You can do it right here! If you aren’t familiar with it, read all about it below – and make sure you follow the rules when entering.      What is the … [Read more...]

Guest Posting @ The DIY Club And A DIY Look Back

Shadow Box Scrabble Keepsake

Mornin’! I was invited to guest post at The DIY Club today to talk about DIY and what have been my ten most popular DIY projects.  Click over to see what made the cut.  You may be surprised! Here is a look back at one of my DIY projects: Shadow Box Scrabble Keepsake     This Scrabble game belonged to … [Read more...]

DIY Sneak Peeks


Hey there!  It is going to be a crazy couple of weeks around here:   Baseball Senior Breakfast Baccalaureate Graduation Graduation Party 18th Birthday Field Trips End of School Father’s Day right around the corner …lots of errands to make sure the above happens …lots of work to make sure the above … [Read more...]

Summer Entertaining At Its Best!

ice cubes

Good morning! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  We spent the last three days at Joey’s baseball tournament.  I love watching the boys play both on and off the field.  Put a dozen 10-year-olds together for 72 hours and you will get quite a show.    The unfortunate part about the weekend was that there … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Design Dilemma

Thinking Animated Image

It is Friday and we are just about to enter into the holiday weekend, most likely with outdoor plans in mind. One of my readers,  Stacey,  wants to use her outdoor space but cannot decide on what kind of table to put on her patio and she has asked me for some suggestions. Here is  Stacey’s email to me: I don’t recall … [Read more...]

Ideas For Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Flags

Hello there! Have you made plans for the holiday weekend?   For many (and I do mean many) years we have spent every Memorial Day weekend at a ballpark, soccer field, or volleyball court for tournaments.  This weekend is no different but for those of you who are looking for some ideas to spend the weekend, maybe … [Read more...]

DIY: Glow Jars

Sun Jars Knock Offs Using Regular Jars, Paint and LED Lights

Good morning! I finally have another DIY for you.  Actually, I guess you could consider them a knock off of these: Pottery Barn Sun Jar Here is my version when being used at night: While PB used standard size seal and clamp jars, I chose to use a smaller one, along with a standard jar. First, remove … [Read more...]

Take The Blog Tour

Tour Sign

Good morning! Many of you have seen the new site and may have seen my Facebook posts and tweets about it as well.  For those of you who are saying "I know already!" ...I know you know and thank you for checking it out before now - thanks so much for all of the comments and emails! I thought I'd give you a quick tour of … [Read more...]

Furniture Debut: Phoenix

Phoenix Angle

Happy Monday! It feels like forever since I did a “real” post. My blog has been in transition from Blogger to Word Press for the last week. There are still a few little tweaks with some links that I need to take care but for the most part, it is user friendly and ready for touring! I will talk more about the changes … [Read more...]

My Blog & Contest


Good morning! Do you like?  It will be here soon! For now though, I have a couple of things to touch on today. First, I just wanted to let you know that the Spring Into The Dream contest is still going strong.  Click on the link for all of the contest details and find out how YOU can enter to … [Read more...]