Turning A Dorm Into A Home…In A Day.


Hey there. So last week, we had the challenge of getting Eryn set up in her dorm. We had to do it fast. We had to do it with concrete walls. We had to do it with with limited space. We had to do it with what we had with us and not go out and buy all kinds of stuff.  …okay, we were 3 for 4.  Seriously … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Furniture…What’s Your Opinion?


So….I’m in my shop looking at a few pieces that are waiting in line to be worked on and then think that perhaps I should break one up and create another.  Then I change my mind.  Then I just stare and visualize. Then… I take pictures. One hutch. One cabinet. One desk. And I wonder which base should get the … [Read more...]

Unplugged, Goodbyes & Gifts


Have you ever missed someone so much that it physically hurts?  When the term heart-wrenching takes on a literal meaning in high-gear?  When you know your goodbye is quickly approaching and when you’ve reached that point, nobody knows what to do because any movement or word will make it real? That was my weekend.  Some … [Read more...]

Furniture Debut: Campagne


Good morning! We are back from dropping Eryn off at college.  She is moved in and starts classes today.  It was a fun, long and emotional week.  I’ll share more later.  Today though, I’m going a little French Country on you.  I don’t do very many FC pieces, but this one just called out a yell for help when I saw it at a sale. … [Read more...]

Parade Of Homes: MAPLE & MAGNOLIA

maple and magnolia

Happy Friday!  You are in for a treat today.  We are touring Susan’s house just outside Chicago.  Nothing but farmhouse eye candy is about to follow so hold on tight…   Thanks a bunch, Shari for inviting me to be a part of your Parade of Homes! I'm a huge fan of your blog and of your beautiful home, so it's a real … [Read more...]



Hey everyone!  I hope you are enjoying the Parade so far.  Today we are all heading to beautiful San Diego to visit Kristin from My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia.  I have been a fan of Kristin’s since the beginning.  Her home exudes class and sophistication – both of which she created on her own.  She truly has an eye for style … [Read more...]


salvage collection

Good morning all, Well...day three has arrived and today's tour is proof that even planning ahead, dotting your i's and crossing your t's sometimes isn't enough.  I am thrilled to have Amy from The Salvage Collection here, but her visit has shifted gears a little. See, we both anticipated her being able to show off her … [Read more...]


eclectically vintage

It is the second day of my Parade of Homes and today we move up to the northeast to see how Kelly uses vintage in unique ways to transform her home into a masterpiece. Hi Turnstyle Vogue fans! I knew Shari was fabulous when I spotted her knockoff sun jars - which I then knocked off myself - yes, that's a double … [Read more...]



Good morning! As you know, we are off getting Eryn settled in at college and while I'm away, Turnstyle Vogue is having a Parade of Homes. Today, we start in Kentucky where Karianne of Thistlewood Farm treats us to some hospitality... Hello Turnstyle Vogue readers! My name is KariAnne and I blog over at Thistlewood Farm. I … [Read more...]

Furniture Debut: Shady Cove


Good morning! It has been some hot, hot, hot work days out in the shop.  So hot that I was dreaming about shade when I gave this little desk a makeover.  Once finished, it reminded me of the banks along the Rogue River in Shady Cove – a quaint, beautiful little town in Southern Oregon not too far from Crater Lake National … [Read more...]