15 Pumpkin Pleasers

Are you bored with the same ol’ carved pumpkin face?

Are you gutsy enough to think outside the pumpkin patch?

If so, then get off your hay bale and pick your pumpkin poision:


karah pumpkin

The Space Between

1.  Isn’t this a cool little pumpkin?  Can you guess what Karah made it from?  You need to hop over to The Space Between and see what she used.  Love it!


owl pumpkin

@Brett Bara Twitpic

2.  Most everyone loves owls and with odd-shaped pumpkins, you can create some pretty unique birds.


bw pumpkin

Country Living Magazine

3.  Creepy crawlies just aren’t my thing, but if you like multi-legged little creatures, then have at it.   

flower pumpkin

Midwest Living

4.  Flower power in a pumpkin?  You betcha!


zombie pumpkins

Martha Stewart

5.  Martha.  Martha. Martha.  Leave it to you to come up with zombie pumpkins.  Or is this just what some of you look like the morning after the Halloween party?


book page pumpkin

Creations By Kara

6.  I’ve seen these book page pumpkins quite a bit, but I like Kara’s version with the tinted edges, ribbon and stick. 

diamondinthestuff pumpkin

A Diamond In The Stuff

7.  Courtney used a dryer vent hose to create this lightweight gourd.


thorny pumpkin

 Country Living Magazine

8.  If I can find the time and patience, I will be all over this one.  Using the plate for inspiration is perfect.


bliss pumpkin

Bliss Ranch

 9.  Bliss whipped these beauties together in no time with a few glass globe pendants.  Purty darn snazzy.


poem pumpkin

Country Living Magazine

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore —
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“‘Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door —
Only this and nothing more.”

—Edgar Allan Poe

10.  For all of you poets out there.  This poem by Edgar Allan Poe was published in 1845!

Seems like yesterday.

glitter dots pumpkin

Glorious Treats

11.  This looks like a bejeweled pumpkin but the embellishments are really just glue and glitter. 


epsom salt

Davis:  Day By Day

12.  Frosted pumpkins.  Another use for Epsom salt. 

Now somebody just needs to figure out how to grow a margarita flavored pumpkin and with a little margarita salt, all would be right with the world.


sweater pumpkin

Confessions Of A Plate Addict

13.  Some people are just too darn crafty and Debbie is obviously one of them.  This sweater pumpkin is the cutest thing.


creepy pumpkin


14.  We did one similar to this last year – minus the teeth. I guess this year a little orthodontia will be in order to spice things up a little.




15.  Are these flippin’ felines for real?  My hat is off to the person who took the time to create these cool cats. They are pretty incredible. 


Do you have a favorite?  Do you think you’ll be trying something different this year? 

Be inspired,

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  1. Woo Hoo!! Thank you so much for sharing my pumpkin!! I love your round up, those cats are so unique. Great variations of the boring ol’ jack-o-lantern!

  2. Way cool ideas, Shari! I saw the Edgar Allan Poe one in this month’s magazine. I am seriously considering attempting it. I love the gray and black! Thanks for sharing all these fantastic ideas! :)

  3. Those are some real winners! Bliss and Karah killed it in the pumpkin department :) And the sweater pumpkins is sweet as can be!!

  4. I have seen most of these fabulous pumpkins….Love them all …. so very many talented and creative people out there…I loved seeing them all in one place….Thanks Shari!!!…and who would have thought to make a pumpkin out of palm fronds?….only the great Karah!!!…..and then there is the cute book page one and Debbie’s sweater pumpkin too…Oh I could go on and on….Kudos to all for their great work!!

  5. Normally I’d be having some of those vicious faced punkin’s at my house, and if I had any palm trees I’d so be making that style, and Friday I’m hitting Good Will searching for an orange sweater to try my hand at those. Or maybe the book page one? I’ve got dryer vent pumpkins and they are pretty fun. Maybe I’ll just make ‘em all.

    Thanks for the *glowing* shout out!

  6. This is such a fun post! I love the cat pumpkins and that Edgar Allen Poe poem is perfect for my back porch! Thanks so much for inspiring me today!