15 Must-See AMAZING Magnified Snowflake Photos!

Hey friends!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?  Here is a close-up of what makes that happen.

Years ago – at least ten or more – I bought a little book from the book store that was nothing but magnified photos of snowflakes.  I could not believe what I was seeing as I turned the pages. 

Truly amazing.

A while back, I came across the website that had the same pictures that I have in my book. 

The website is  SnowCrystals.com  and they graciously allow bloggers to share their pictures as long as credit is given.  Winter is almost upon us – and in the mountains, it has arrived.  So in honor of Mother Nature, I couldn’t help but share these with you.  

As you look through the pictures below, remember that these are REAL snow crystals that were captured by photographer Kenneth Libbrecht using a “specifically designed snowflake photomicroscope.”  I know your first reaction will be “these aren’t real.”

Believe.  Enjoy.


You can see more at SnowCrystals.com.  The website also has links to Snowflake Physics, Snow Activities (for kids as well) and believe it or not, Snowflake Touring.

How fun is that?

Be inspired,

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  1. Brenda J. M says:

    These really are outstanding aren’t they? I thought these were glass until I read through. Unbelievable how great Mother Nature is in her creations.
    Thanks for sharing this and the site.

  2. Really beautiful pictures. It is amazing.


  3. Gorgeous natural beauty!

  4. I am amazed by these.