How To Keep Your Guests Busy While You Prepare The Holiday Feast!

Does this sound familiar?

You and your culinary cohorts are working hard in the kitchen to bring the best dishes of the year to the table for your family and friends to feast upon.

It is a long process that most likely started a couple of days beforehand with regard to the labor and weeks before with regard to the planning.

And yet, some nitwit (and I say that in the most loving way possible) sneaks in and starts taking bites of this and that and asks “When will dinner be ready?”


hungry turkeyYou can slap the nitwit’s hand…

…or better yet, snap him with a dish towel.

Or, you can be the better person and provide your guests with something to keep them occupied and out of your way.

Again, I say that in the most loving way possible.

How, you say?

Well, short of a football game on the big screen (which I personally endorse) you are going to need something else.

Something that is time consuming and keeps their hands busy.

Source:  What’s Cooking America


Part I:  A puzzle


Puzzles are boring you say?  Wrong!

Take it from a very competitive person, you can trash talk your way through a puzzle just as much as you can through that pick-up game of basketball.

And, if you want to take a cue from my husband, you can pocket a piece of the puzzle so that your guests reach the point of completion only to have to search for that final piece.

It certainly creates some interesting “conversations.”

You can get some wonderful seasonal puzzles from Vermont Christmas Company.  I have bought quite a few from them and they are always big hits.


Part II:  The nuts…and the nutcracker


Yes, this kind.

Don’t spoil your guests and serve them shelled nuts on a silver platter.


Make them work a little bit and slow the process down.


Part III:  A lot of drinks


Stock up that beverage refrigerator. 

If you don’t have room, get your cooler inside and park it right by the puzzle table. 

That eliminates the path through the kitchen to the refrigerator anyway!

*If this all fails, then just give them an old-fashioned whoopin’.  After all, you are the one holding the wooden spoon. Winking smile

BLOG NOTE:  Through the holiday season, Turnstyle Vogue will be posting each day.  Yep – 7 days a week of holiday DIY, tips, thoughts and some furniture thrown in here and there.  Please be sure to stop by and say hi – or share your own!


Be inspired,

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  1. Puzzels are so much fun we do those during holidays. Our family loves puzzles.

  2. The nuts and the nutcraker.i like so much
    I love your blog. You have a New follówer from Chile

  3. Love your ideas for keeping everyone out of your hair. Good luck with posting every day too…quite a challenge!

  4. In Virginia there are Monopoly games based on both of our big state schools – UVAopoly and Techopoly. I found a UVAopoly board at GOODWILL, with all of the pieces, and I hope to break it out on Thanksgiving!