Rewind & Fast Forward 11/17/2012

Good morning!

What are you all up to this weekend?  Hmmm…let me guess.

Would it have anything to do with next Thursday?

Eryn arrived home last night to spend the week of Thanksgiving with us so we are all taking the day off from chores and other responsibilities so the family can pull off a football tailgater and a (hopefully) fantastic night of college football together.   Cassidy will be on the sidelines but Alyssa, Jason, Joey, Eryn, John and yours truly will be in the stands with some hot chocolate, hand warmers, and layers of Dri-fit. 

I love, love, love night games. 

This past week, I showed you some simple tips and fun ideas to add to your turkey festivities.  I had some technical difficulties yesterday and was not able to get my post up but I will try to get it in the mix over the next couple of days. For now, let’s look back.

Please click on the links for full tutorials, stories and photos to include the “ready-made pinning picture” for all of you Pinterest enthusiasts.


Have you ever made a lot of cupcakes to take somewhere and found yourself scrambling for a good way to transport them to avoid a mess? Here is an easy solution using an old gift box.

DIY Cupcake Carrier From Old Gift Box - Label



Regardless of what your Thanksgiving menu is, I bet it will include bread and butter in some form.  Why not give your guests their own little pats of butter all dressed up for the occasion?

Thanksgiving Butter Cut-Outs By Turnstyle Vogue



If you are like my family, adding some type of competition to spice up the conversation is a must. This year, it is going to be Thanksgiving trivia.  The twist is that I have styled it into my buffet tablescape.  As simple and straight-forward as it sounds, there will no doubt be some controversy.  My niece already told her husband that I accused him of being a trivia cheater.  I did nothing of the sort…their interpretation of my post was purely subjective Winking smile

But I will say that all handheld technological devices will be taken away from everyone before they can dish up!

Thanksgiving Trivia Napkin Rings By Turnstyle Vogue


I had many people email and ask for the trivia Q&A list.  I think I responded to everyone but if I missed you, please let me know!



Finally, because my scape this year is buffet style that is not going to have a lot of bells and whistles (believe it or not),I made some confetti to sprinkle on the table between the dishes of food and simple candles.

Thanksgiving Confetti By Turnstyle Vogue



Glitch day.  It was going to be a way to show you to “label” your buffet food.  Kind of like I did for Eryn’s graduation party, but Thanksgiving style of course.  Like I said, I’ll try to double-up within the next few days.



Starting tomorrow, think drinks, cranberries, scavengers and a dictionary.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Be inspired,


BLOG NOTE:  Through the holiday season, Turnstyle Vogue will be posting each day.  Yep – 7 days a week of holiday DIY, tips, thoughts and some furniture thrown in here and there.  Please be sure to stop by and say hi – or share your own!

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  1. There are way too many cute ideas in this post…love the trivia napkin rings!…How clever…and the cupcake box…genious…you are way to clever Shari….

    Happy Thanksgiving!!