Weekend Rewind & A Fast Forward

Thank goodness Saturday has arrived!  What are you doing this weekend?

Aside from Joey’s last football game and some college ball, I’m going to be spending the weekend planning Thanksgiving – the menu, the shopping, the entertainment.

That means lists. Lots of lists.

Which also means my husband will be laughing at me and my lists (but us list-makers know what’s up, right?!)


Now, while my everyday lists are never-ending, I did manage to get quite a bit done with work and home.  In this line of work though, sometimes the lines are blurred, but I just take it one day at at time.

Below is a quick look-back at what took place over the last week.

Please click on the links for full tutorials, stories and photos to include the “ready-made pinning picture” for all of you Pinterest enthusiasts.


I revealed these awesome multi-purpose hooks that I created from architectural salvage.  Molding to be exact.   I see them as robe and towel hooks, but…

…a hook is a hook.

And these are HIS and HERS. 

Architectural Salvage Robe Hooks By Turnstyle Vogue (15)



Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and while planning the dinner, the table, the shopping, we can’t forget the kiddos.  They love to create, especially if they are with their siblings, cousins, friends, or whoever may be celebrating the day with you.  Why not enlist their help in creating fun table décor?  These Turkey Pears are cheap, easy and fun for all ages.  I admit, I enjoyed  parking my rear-end on a stool and putting these together.  This kind of stuff does not qualify as work to me so it was like having the afternoon off!

DIY Turkey Pears (3)


Just a few ideas to keep those who like to sneak into the kitchen and steal bites…or fresh rolls…before dinner is ready, busy and out of your hair.  All in fun of course.


hungry turkey



It was Alyssa and Joey’s birthday.  Same day, 12 years apart. This is what the table, all dressed up for dinner, looked like.  It isn’t birthday specific – just a simple, but beautiful autumn scape.

Autumn Tablescape By Turnstyle Vogue (6)


I  gave you another DIY tutorial to bring some of that seasonal holiday scent and beauty to your home with a few apples.

Scented Mini Apple Wreath By Turnstyle Vogue (11)

I hope something you saw here at Turnstyle Vogue last week helped inspire you to create for your home!

Now, to fast-forward to next week…

Something with butter.

Something with a box.

and some other somethin’ somethin’s. 

Hope to see you back!

BLOG NOTE:  Through the holiday season, Turnstyle Vogue will be posting each day.  Yep – 7 days a week of holiday DIY, tips, thoughts and some furniture thrown in here and there.  Please be sure to stop by and say hi – or share your own!

Be inspired,

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  1. Shari…loved visiting this week…and gotta have those hooks….they are fantastic!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Since you are so organized and I am not, would you mind a teeny weeney bit planning my Thanksgiving menu too?


  3. I am loving the hooks, they are fantastic.


  4. I missed those adorable little pear turkeys, Shari! Going back to read and pin for my preschool class!! Looks like you have a busy week ahead — I look forward to reading along!
    xo Heidi