Don’t Throw Away All Of That Christmas Gift Wrap! Do This…

It is Christmas Eve Eve and many of you may still be wrapping presents for the big day.

My question to you is:  What do you do with the gift wrap AFTER it has been torn off of the presents on Christmas morning?

For the answer, we are going to look back to my post from last Christmas that gave you a suggestion.

Recycling a post about recycling your paper.

How easy can it get?


Shred That Wrapping Paper for Package Filler! (tag)

I do this all the time – and not just with Christmas wrap.

Not only do I use it for packages that I mail, I use it to store fragile items such as glass ornaments.


What To Do With Used Wrapping Paper


Shred That Wrapping Paper for Package Filler!





Shred That Wrapping Paper for Package Filler! (2)


Another option – which I use frequently – is shredding brown shipping paper or brown paper bags.  It gives you an instant Kraft filler that is perfect for any style and occasion.

Have a great day! 

Be inspired,

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  1. Nancy Carr says:

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Happy Hilidays!

  2. What a great idea– both the wrapping paper and the brown bag. Thanks!

  3. We have a shredder so I think I will do this. May as well use it for something since we certainly don’t use it for the reason we got it!

    Merry Christmas my dear.


  4. Great tip Shari! Last year I used up all of my store bought wrap and vowed to not buy any more…ever! This year I am using brown paper shipping wrap and bags hand embellished with silver and red sharpie. The packages look so festive and unique under the tree…and I feel good about not adding to the TONS of paper trash. I will be shredding it all as you suggest to reduse, reuse, and recyle even more!

  5. I like the idea of having pretty shreaded paper to reuse as packing material. Good idea.


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