Rewind & Fast Forward 12/1/2012

A big fat welcome to the weekend!  Two things are on my agenda today:  getting a Christmas tree and getting some Christmas shopping done.  I know it is only December 1st….but why do I feel like I am behind the eight ball? 

My fingers are crossed that today goes as planned and I wake up tomorrow feeling like I jumped ahead a week. 

Notice I said “fingers crossed” instead of “holding my breath.”  I’m not that stupid – I know what is on my list!

Let’s look back at what I did accomplish this week:



Even if you already have your stockings for Santa to fill, these DIY stockings by Martha Stewart are worth checking out.   There are five to choose from.

Martha Stewart



I love ornaments and those that add fun to your tree are even better.

How about this melted snowman?  My version includes the little top hat, carrot nose and a scarf.    They are adorable and would make great gifts for friends and even a great gift for your child’s teacher.

Melted Snowman Ornaments By Turnstyle Vogue (3)




This Christmas In-A-Word ornament is one of twelve that I made.  Each is filled with a word that is associated to the holiday.  It was hard to narrow it down to twelve  (one for each ornament ) but I’m happy with what I chose.   Click over to see what made the cut. 

What words would you choose?

Christmas In A Word DIY Ornament By Turnstyle Vogue (6)




I chose five outside-the-box holiday tid-bits to share with you, including ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas programming guide.

How fun is that?!

abc family's 25 days of christmas schedule 2012

Chip & Company




Another perfect gift to share  is my Winter Hot Chocolate Mix.  It is a dry mix which means easy packaging! 

I also showed you a new product that made me jump for joy when I spotted it on the grocery store shelves.

What do you think it is?

Winter Hot Chocolate Mix By Turnstyle Vogue (4)



Yesterday’s post was just for fun courtesy of

Have you ever seen what a real snowflake looks like when photographed with a photomicroscope? 

You won’t believe they are real but they are. 

And they are amazing.  All fifteen of them.


Fast Forward:

Think Christmas mantel, a DIY garland, a tip….and more.  Remember – I’ll be here all 7 days. Smile

Have a terrific December welcome!

Be inspired,

BLOG NOTE:  Through the holiday season, Turnstyle Vogue will be posting each day.  Yep – 7 days a week of holiday DIY, tips, thoughts and some furniture thrown in here and there.  Please be sure to stop by and say hi – or share your own!

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  1. How incredible. They’re much more symmetric than I might have imagined. I’m off to visit the website and partake in more awe and wonder! Thanks for sharing.