DIY: Soda Tab Picture Hangers

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Before I go further with my post of the day, I wanted to explain why you are now having to click through to pull up the full text of my post. Over the last few months, my content has been stolen from scrapers and posted on other websites – word for word – as if it is their own work.  I work hard to deliver quality content and spend many hours each day with the process.  It is my job – not a hobby – and it makes me angry to think that someone is getting credit for something I have created and written.  Without boring you with too many details, the basic concept is that scrapers (which are basically spam websites) steal content from other websites to create more revenue for themselves through their ads.  They also benefit from internet searches for my work as someone may be directed to their website rather than mine – which improves their SEO rankings, and hurts mine.  This is stealing and against the law, but they usually get away with it. While it is impossible to shut these websites down, there are ways to try to prevent it from happening.  One way is to truncate posts – which means that only a small portion of my post is seen until the title is clicked on so that the full post appears.  Why does this work?  Well, most scrapers are computer generated and not done by humans sitting at a keyboard, therefore the computers cannot click on links to continue copying the full post.  If they attempt to scrape, they will only get the first paragraph (just what you now see before clicking through.)   That does not benefit them so they will move on. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you – especially for those who read my posts in your email  –  but I cannot continue to allow my blog to vulnerable to copyright theft.  It is no different than someone taking credit for all the work you do at your office, home or elsewhere – and even making money from it.  You are all so great and I thank you immensely for continuing to support me by stopping by each day.  Hopefully, one day, these types of sites will be shut down.  Until then, I must protect myself and my work.  So, on that note, let’s talk move on….

Many of you, I’m sure, have seen this tip on Pinterest and beyond.

But I figured some of you haven’t so I thought I’d share it with you because I think it is spectacular.

In a very simple, “duh…” kind of way.

Remember these “His & Her” robe hooks I made from architectural salvage?

His & Her Robe Hooks From Architectural Salvage

Well, I’ve had them tucked away since and when I brought them out from hiding, I realized I hadn’t added a hanger on the back.

Hanging Things Using Soda Can Tabs


Enter this:

This Diet Coke Will Make Your Home Decorating A Piece Of Cake

Okay…two of those. 

So I can get these…

These Soda Can Tabs Will Make Hanging A Picture A Breeze!


Using Soda Can Tabs To Hang Things On The Wall

These little tabs have the perfect little circle for the screws to fit right into.

And they are super strong – much stronger than the little sawtooth hangers that use those tiny little pin nails.

I would imagine they can carry a heavy load.

Using Soda Can Tabs To Hang Things On The Wall (3)

It took me all of 60 seconds to attach and I was good to go.

His & Her Robe Hooks From Architectural Salvage.

Use A Soda Can Tab As A Picture Hanger


No more excuses!

Be inspired,

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  1. OMG!!! How smart are you? That is just too creative! ~Tammy

  2. What a creative solution! I’m not a big fan of sawtooth hangers this would be so much better………thanks for the info. Sorry about the the info theft, other blogs have complained about this problem to. There seems to be a lot of unethical behavior on the net!

  3. I use the soda can hangers all the time now, and they do work excellent.


  4. Brilliant!

  5. Two things of simple brilliance here. The Hooks. I FORGOT all about these, which I am promptly pinning next, and the soda tabs!!! I have a bajillion of these as my son and his friend collect cans for cash.

    So sorry about all the theft. Yes, there is a lot of nasty stealing out there, but at least we can prevent some of it!

  6. Another great reason to drink a Coke!

  7. You said it…..simple brilliance!!!….Love the hooks!

  8. Now why can’t I ever be that clever??? Great idea, and I think you may have inspired me to look into truncating my posts. Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.