Furniture Debut: Cottonwood

I have another reveal for you today.  I’m a little bummed because it just happens to be one of my favorite pieces but I was not able to get it staged and photographed like I normally do.  Due to number of reasons, I had to take a picture of it while it was in my retail space (along with a couple of other pieces I have not showed you yet) and my angles and lighting were not the best – along with no staging.

I had the same issue with The Mercantile Bin I showed you the other day as well.

So for this reveal, and a few more to go, please use your imagination!! 

This is Cottonwood.

Cottonwood Hutch By Turnstyle Vogue

Believe it or not, I actually took a before photo of this hutch.

But, believe it or not once again, I accidentally deleted it when cleaning up my photo inventory thinking it was another hutch I did.  That resulted in the other hutch “before” pictures still being in my folders.  So I will have to use what I have to give you an idea. 

I can say that they were very similar with regard to age, style and finish so if you rearrange the drawers and cabinet positions, you would almost have the same before anyway.


One of these days, I will remind myself to do a better job at the “before” issue. 

So….to start, I removed the standard panel board that you see on many of these types of hutches and replaced it with tongue-and-groove boards.  They were new, soI aged them using the same technique I always use – and that I gave a tutorial on back in 2011.  It is one of my favorite things to do with furniture.

Aging Wood Manually.  Click For Link To Tutorial.

The surface was sanded down to blonde, unfinished wood and then aged using the same technique (shown below.)  Luckily, no stripping was required (on the wood either. Winking smile )

Now, notice the difference in the colors?  

That is what happens when you age wood.  The treatment reacts differently on different types of wood.  The slatted boards I used for the back are pine and the surface of the hutch is maple. 

The pine took the treatment lightly with a gray result.  The treatment penetrated the maple deeply and the result was a greenish gray color – more of a taupe.

Because of the movement and knots in the pine boards, there was a lot of effect that created two finishes that complimented each other really well.

By the time it was finished, I was really happy that they didn’t exactly match.  If you are going to use different wood in your project, you have to be prepared for a mixed result – and have fun with it!

Cottonwood Hutch By Turnstyle Vogue With Aged Surface

This hutch had a lot of scrollwork on it – that you now know I do not care for.  In my opinion, it outdates the pieces immediately so my attempt is to bring it current with as many clean lines as I can get out of it – enter Mr. Honey-Do! 

This next picture gives you an idea of the scrollwork the true “before” had on it, in addition to the standard panel board.

Scrolled Hutch Altered To Clean Lines At Turnstyle Vogue (5)

And here is an almost replicated example of the bottom scroll that was on this piece before I changed it.

Scrolled Hutch Altered To Clean Lines At Turnstyle Vogue (2)

Here is what the bottom looks like now:

Altered Cottonwood Hutch By Turnstyle Vogue

I did very, very light distressing in just a few places.

Cottonwood Hutch By Turnstyle Vogue (2)

This piece also had the standard plate rail attached.  I removed that and used mushroom caps to fill in the holes.  The new owner will still be able to display plates within the groove, but by removing the rail, it also helps get rid of the outdated look.

Altered Cottonwood Hutch By Turnstyle Vogue With Manually Aged Wood

I had to add this cast iron bottle opener. 

Had to.

Cottonwood Hutch With Bottle Opener attached  By Turnstyle Vogue

*Also, a final note….

I am not a big fan of using double-knobs in place of handles (like I did on these drawers) but as many of you may know, older furniture had shorter handles than what are manufactured today and refitting today’s standards requires some extra work. While I have done that on quite a few pieces, I did not have the time to do it here.  So, these knobs will remain until I find some reproductions online that have the shorter fittings. 

Just wanted to mention that in case anybody out there might have been wonderin’ ! Smile

Cottonwood Hutch By Turnstyle Vogue With Altered Design

Have a happy and productive Monday!

Be inspired,


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  1. BEAUTIFUL makeover!!

  2. i love the new backing! gorgeous!

  3. Awesome. Particularly love the new back. I have to go eye up my hutch, replacing the back hadn’t occurred to me when Brawn told me it probably won’t take stain.


  4. Love what you did with this, it looks great.


  5. I love the makeover. I am at this moment making over a very similar colonial style hutch; my first attempt at doing this kind of thing. I was wondering, when you removed the bottom panel with the scroll work, did you alter the legs or is that what was behind the panel? I first tried to saw the plate rail off (bad idea) and then realized i could basically knock it out with a rubber mallet. Live and learn. I thought of trying to take the scrolling on the top and bottom off, but wasn’t sure what would be behind it. Just learning as i go. Love your posts.

  6. You did an AMAZING job. I love the new backing.

  7. It looks fantastic. You took an outdated piece & made it look special.

    Warmly, Michelle

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Love the rustic look of the backing – beautiful!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have a hutch that was passed down to me and I’ve never been happy with the way it looks. Now I have some good ideas for how to keep it in the family but have it look the way I’d like. :-)


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