Using Vintage Crocks In Your Home

Good morning,

Ok, so I was looking around at my house the other day …

(translation:  procrastinating)

… and started looking at my vintage crocks.

They are scattered throughout and some are functional, some are decorative.

I then started thinking about adding a few more but only if I could make them functional.

Like a big one to set on the mudroom bench for umbrellas…

…or Joey’s baseball bats…

…or Joey’s walking sticks…

…or Joey’s BB gun…

Hmm…maybe I should just get Joey one for his room.

Anyway, I headed to Pinterest to see if I could get any inspiration and came across this idea to use a crock in the kitchen to hold dirty towels.

Of course this idea would come from one of my favorites – Sarah Richardson.

Kitchen Laundry Crock

Source:  HGTV

 They can be used as planters of course, but why not step it up a notch with a water garden…

water garden crock

Source:  Garden Drama

 I like the idea of creating a berry branch “orchard” in the winter…

Berry Branch Crocks

Source:  Deborah Silver

 Vintage rolling pins are fun to collect and this is a great way to display them…


rolling pin collection crock

Source:  Fab

 Finally, here are some of my crocks and how I use them in my home:

Large Crock With Dried Florals For Spring

I used to keep kitchen utensils in this but I now use it for things like these dried florals.

Vintage Crocks For Dog Food And Nuts With Vintage Scoops

These large 10 and 6 gallon crocks are perfect for our hazelnuts and Scout’s dog food.

Of course, you can’t “serve” out of vintage crocks with anything but vintage scoops!

Love those.

Pottery Barn Crocks and Vintage Crocks In The Kitchen

Hmmm…no, the utensil holders are not vintage, but the little salt and oil crocks you see are. 

Vintage Crocks For Home Decor

The brown crock is an unusual color and I keep it tucked away until fall rolls around and then it gets filled up with pine cones. 

You may recognize the trio  – they are displayed on one of my floating shelves in my great room. 

So, any other ideas?  I’m sure I can find some extra space here and there to add to my collection.

What would you use them for?  

Be inspired,

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  1. I have a giant one by my fireplace and keep wood in it. Thanks for this wonderful post, I love antique crocks and love the new ideas on how to use them :)

  2. I love old crocks, too and have a couple. I wish I had known I would love them more now. I gave away one of those large ones with the 2 on it. I bought it many many years ago for three dollars and wasn’t using it and it went to GoodWill. Guess someone got a bargain!

  3. I think I am going to start a search for a large crock to put near my fireplace. I judt adore these pictures. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing.


  4. I bought a large crock at an estate auction in perfect condition, last month. I bought it for my husband to make olives in next fall…I’m going go “borrow” it back until he needs it! I’m thinking I will find a use for it in the kitchen. Thanks, Shari.

    PS.My best friend is a yellow lab also named Scout…oh how we love our doggies!

  5. It just occurred to me that I pass up crocks often when I see them because they are chipped or have a small crack. Who cares? I should be buying those up!


  6. Love old crocks…I scaled down my collection when we moved…kept a couple of Red Wing 5 and 8 gallon crocks..should have hung on to more…..hindsight!….love all of the great uses for them that you have shared…
    Have a great weekend Shari!