2014 Can Be The Start Of Something Good In Your Home…

…or not. I guess it all depends on your taste.

Happy morning to you!

Are you somebody who tries to freshen things up for the new year?

Do you try to add something new and trendy to the mix?

If so, this post is for you.      


1)  Bye-bye loveseats, hello chairs.

While furniture manufacturers are not going to stop making loveseats, the idea of pairing a loveseat with a couch is retreating.

We want chairs.

Cool chairs.  Fun chairs.  Comfortable chairs. 

Chairs add more options to room arrangements.

And although some can certainly cost a pretty penny, it is fairly easy find good quality used chairs and have them reupholstered for a custom design that only you have. 

The best design bang for your buck?  A neutral couch and two patterned chairs.  If you can’t bring yourself to adding patterns into your room with a piece of furniture, then stay neutral  – but choose different color and texture such tweed, houndstooth, or chenille. Textured fabrics will give you a subtle pattern without stepping too far outside your comfort zone.

I actually went the two-chair route about five years ago so to be honest, I don’t really consider this a new trend – just a more popular one perhaps.

Source:  Frashii


2)  Loose Textiles

If you loved the 70’s then this is right up your alley.



Faux fir.

Think pillows.  Rugs.  Curtains. 

Just don’t overdo it!

Source:  Decorpad


3)  The dark side.

For a few years, white walls – white everything really – have been the rage.

But not this year.  Apparently, color is back and it is going to be dark. 

Dark walls.

Source:  SAS Interiors

Charcoal, navy or mushroom?

If you want to kill two trends with one stone – go with navy.


Segue to #4…


4)  Feelin’ the blues.

Remember last week when we talked about Radiant Orchid being the color of the year, but I asked if you knew what the new hip color for spring was

Well, blue is back.

As in indigo, denim and navy.

And if you don’t believe, just take a look at the new Pottery Barn catalog.  It is all indigo.  ALL.

Source:  Pottery Barn


5)  Critters.

You may have noticed an abundance of furry friends finding their way into the stores during the holidays.

Foxes. Hedgehogs.  Owls.  Squirrels.  Deer.

Christmas was just their debut.

They are here to stay for a while.

Source:  HGTV

Woodland creatures owl duvet set.

Source:  Supermarket


So, what do you think? Have you already brought one or more of these “trends” into your home?

Do you consider them true trends?

Do you have a favorite?

Is there one that you won’t be caught dead jumping on the bandwagon for?

Decisions.  Decisions.

Be inspired,

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  1. I love the owl duvet cover and shams. It seems to be black and white which is always easy to add to your existing decor. I really like blue, but for decor I still haven’t gotten over the 80’s yet……Smile!