Credit Me With An Assist: My Paint Finish Sample Boards


What an exhausting day yesterday was. 

But I have no idea what I accomplished.


Don’t you hate days like that?  Please tell me you have them!

As you know, I am a certified Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Retailer.

Fancy, I know.

When you paint furniture as part of your business and then sell paint, it is easy to forget that not all of your customers are experienced.

Some are just starting out and have a lot of questions.   Well, most are.  But that is how we all got started, right?

For me, it is fairly simple to visualize color combinations and finishes but for others, they don’t know where to start.

And looking at a piece of paper with pictures can only go so far.  People need to see it.  Touch it. 

So, I am now working on a “finish file” for the store – and to share here as well.

They are 12 x 12 boards and will feature a variety of colors, finishes and techniques.

They will all be labeled with what products were used to achieve that finish, and ultimately, what workshop they should take to learn how to achieve the finish (optional of course.)

They will be marked “Beginner” or “Advanced” and possibly “Intermediate”  but I think I want to keep it straight forward between beginner and advanced.


Some will be simple and understated.

Some will be quirky and unique.

An example of a beginner would be this:

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - Ironstone - Antiquing Wax - Paint Finish Sample Board by Turnstyle Vogue 

PRODUCTS:  Ironstone Paint, Antiquing Wax

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - Typewriter - White Wax- Paint Finish Sample Board by Turnstyle Vogue (2)


An example of an advanced would be this:

Custom Finish Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - Turnstyle Vogue (2)

PRODUCTS:  Custom Mix, Curio, Hemp Oil, Sealant (non MMS) Clear Furniture Wax, Antiquing Wax

  *Custom paint = 2 parts Lucketts Green, 1 part Kitchen Scale, 1 part Ironstone

Custom Finish Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - Turnstyle Vogue

I am going to get a good start with about 20 – 25 boards and then will create new ones as I paint new pieces -

- and on days when I just feel like going out to the shop and playing with paint!

I am hoping it will help customers who come in and look through all of the finishes to get ideas for their projects.

Big boards with big finishes.  No little paint sticks here.

I will talk about milk paint, and specifically this milk paint, soon but I just wanted to show you one of my visual aids that I will be offering my customers.

Hopefully, all of you who like to paint will benefit as well.

I will share these every so often – perhaps once a week at the beginning.

Have a great weekend!!

Be inspired,


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  1. Shari my goal is to try milk paint but I am very intimidated. I love the look that is achieved but so afraid of ruining a project. Maybe in the new house I will get brave.


  2. Shari,
    Great idea to do the samples!!! Thanks!