Forcing Spring

Happy Monday all!

This is it.

The last week of February.

Woo – triple – Hoo!

Mother Nature probably won’t pay any attention, but I am. 

I’m paying attention to March 1st and while I can’t control what is going on outside, I can do whatever I want inside.

And I am forcing spring.

Forcing Spring - 

This little thing is all I have to prove my rebellious intentions.

But it is a start.

Forcing Spring - Vintage Stool As Plant Stand -

And I do have these waiting for me, along with others from my “collection”…

Pottery Barn Pillow Covers - Pottery Barn Throw - Spring 2014 -

Dragonfly Pottery Barn Cover - - Spring 2014

And these…



Forcing Spring - African Violets -

And I have a little herb project and maybe, just maybe, a succulent project to share.

Speaking of succulent cacti…

Segue to the southwest…

I talked to my mom earlier today.  They are snowbirds and spend the winters in Arizona.

Permission granted for all haters to raise their hands.  Both of mine are. 

She said it hit 92 degrees a few days ago and they will be heading home in a few weeks because it is getting too hot.

No disrespect mom, but…

Boo –triple – Hoo!

What are you doing to get ready for spring?

Be inspired,

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  1. elaine simmons says:

    I just moved to AZ in August and it has been so warm that I am almost feeling guilty about the warm weather since my friends and family in the north are having such a terrible winter! Notice I said ALMOST! I forced some tulips because I know I would miss them in the spring :)

  2. Basically Shari I am just praying while I wait for spring. We want our home finished and Mother Nature keeps annoying the situation.



  1. Oh Scout. says:

    […] I’m also getting some spring inside the house.  Remember that “forcing spring” thing I mentioned the other […]