What Does The First Day Of Spring Bring To My Home?

Goodbye winter, hello spring!

Sunshine and blue skies have been hanging around here for quite a while now and I’m getting really used to it, especially heading into spring break next week.  Monday’s forecast?  72 degrees!

While the days have been mildly warm, the mornings have still been too cold to consider having anything growing outside.  This is Oregon so I can guarantee we have not seen our last frost.

Spring or no spring.

I’m not going to let that stop me though.  I want some fresh cilantro!

So I’m bringing it all inside!

herb planter pots - www.turnstylevogue.com (7) 

herb planter pots - www.turnstylevogue.com

Dill, Rosemary, Cilantro, Basil, Parsley and Chives

herb planter pots - www.turnstylevogue.com (2)

Perhaps I’ll get really creative and come up with some really cool herb markers, but for now, I’m using mailing labels and skewers.

Yep.  That is a creative mind right there…

herb planter pots - www.turnstylevogue.com (3)

…but they work!

herb planter pots - www.turnstylevogue.com (5)

I’m not an expert – even for something as simple as this – so we will see if I get any results.

herb planter pots - www.turnstylevogue.com (4)

If I get lucky, then I’ll replant them outside once Jack Frost has packed it in for the season. 

Kind of feels like I’m in kindergarten again – and I’ve just graduated from a milk carton to a real planter pot! 

Happy spring!  Celebrate!

Be inspired,

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  1. Very cute Shari, with the reminder of kindergarten and the milk cartons. I remember that and you are brave. I never even think of starting from seed. Way to lazy for that I need instant gratification with plants, LOL. 70 wow, we are still cold.


  2. JaneEllen says:

    Oh how I envy you that awesome crate to put your starting plants in. Did you paint the herbs on it? Looks great and so authentic.
    We want to grow some tomatoes, etc. this spring so might be looking at putting together a crate like yours to put them in. We have lots of pallet lumber to choose from. Will be fun to try to make a neat looking crate like yours. I’ll take a stab at starting from seeds.
    We had really warm temps, mid 60′,s then wham we got cooler and rain but supposed to warm up. Hope so. I’m ready to wear some bright colored fun clothes. We live in western CO (Grand Junction) but west of G.J. close to UT border. Weather likes to play with us til it decides to really be spring. At least it’s not snowing like crazy like it does on east side of Rockies.
    Happy days