Almost A Furniture Debut, But…

Good morning,

I am so bummed.  I have a few pieces of furniture done and ready to reveal but I had to get them into the store and didn’t have time to stage and photograph them in my shop here at home.

My intent was to style and get pictures once I got them in the store but as luck would have it, I forgot my camera.

So… I am going into the store today to get the pictures and will show you tomorrow. 

For now, all I’ve got for you is a peek at the colors I used…

Wild Horses & Crushed Tea

And the “before”…

dresser before

Ha!  The irony.  I have the “before” for you, but not the painted piece. 

That is soooo not like me.

Oh, I will also give you a hint on the name of the piece:  it is two words and a botanical that you will find in the woods this time of year (at least here in the Pacific Northwest.)  

Any guesses?

There.  Done.  I don’t know about you, but I’m completely exhausted after this post. 

But, no rest for the weary – I’ve got to go get my camera going.

Scout snuggle

Be inspired,

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  1. Something Mushroom maybe?!

  2. I’m guessing Pussy Willows

  3. I am guessing mushroom???



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