How To Use Miss Mustard Seed’s Brush Soap

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I know there are many of you out there that have started using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint for all of your DIY projects and furniture makeovers.  Unless you have been to your retailer recently, you may not be aware that they have now added a brush soap to the line.

Miss Mustard Seed Brush Soap - Turnstyle Vogue (3)


Miss Mustard Seed Brush Soap - Turnstyle Vogue (5)

I have been using this soap to clean my brushes since it came out and I am very happy with the results.  As mush as I’d love to say that I am diligent about washing my brushes immediately after use, sometimes I just don’t get it done – which means dried-on paint and stiff brushes.

Miss Mustard Seed Brush Soap - Turnstyle Vogue (6)

These soaps work wonders  –  even with the most stubborn brushes.


You first want to rinse any loose paint out of your brush and then get the soap wet with some warm water.

Simply rub the brush in a circular motion to lather it up and then give it a good massage to distribute the lather.

The bonus?  This soap conditions not only the bristles (in addition to cleaning) but it also conditions your hands at the same time!

(I am taking these pictures as I clean the brush so it might look a little awkward!)

Miss Mustard Seed Brush Soap - Turnstyle Vogue (8)

Clean as a whistle!

Miss Mustard Seed Brush Soap - Turnstyle Vogue (10)

Here is a tip from Marian on how to store your brushes after you clean them:

Caring for MMSMP Brushes | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint

Source:  Miss Mustard Seed

If you wrap the brushes while they are still damp, the paper will help absorb the moisture and force the bristles back into place for the next use.

If you haven’t tried the soap, I definitely recommend it.  The fact that it is all natural is great – no worries about what is going down your drain.

Oh, and by the way, I have used these to clean chalk, clay and mineral paint out of my brushes as well so it isn’t just for milk paint.

One little thing to make the clean up easier.

For you local shoppers – the soaps will be in the store on Thursday!

Happy painting!

Be inspired,

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  1. This is good to know. Now I am thinking maybe I will repaint our dining room furniture for the new house. Never using this project before I may be safer using chalk paint or latex and using a glaze, LOL.