New Pendant Lights In The Kitchen

Let There Be Light!

Well, different light anyway.   Five years ago, when we built this house, we were at the very end of the process and almost ready for inspection.  All we had left to do was purchase the remainder of our lights and install them.  Have I told you this already???

Anyway, at this point, we just wanted to get into the house and were past the point of creativity and patience.  It was a fast trip to the local improvement store to “just pick something out already” and back to the house to get them up and flip the switch.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting - Turnstyle Vogue (4)

Now, I am not saying that I haven’t liked them.  They have been fine and certainly went well with the appliances and hardware.  I have just always wanted something different.

Something more reflective.  Classic.  Simple.

I kept saying, we will get something more permanent once we are settled in and have the time to search.   Again – that was five years ago.


Given the fact that I’m freshening up our kitchen and breakfast nook, we finally replaced the pendant lights.  Better late than never.


Kitchen Pendant Lighting - Turnstyle Vogue (3)

Classic and simple.  Nothing too fancy.

And I just noticed that I took that picture at a very odd angle.

I guess my photography skills aren’t too fancy either.

Once I have everything done, I promise to show you better pictures.

I’m painting furniture this week.  We picked up some new pieces over the weekend.  A few for painting, and a few for me :)  I will share them soon.

Happy Monday!

Be inspired,

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  1. These new lights are fabulous. I can’t wait for future progress. I love a step-by-step!