The Kitchen Is Painted – See What Color I Chose…

Ahhh……nothing makes a space feel fresher than a coat of paint.   We built our house five years ago and when we hit that five-year mark, it is like all the rooms started taunting me, demanding that they get some touch ups. 

If you know me, I’m always happy to oblige when it comes to working on my home even if my schedule makes it harder to complete projects quickly.   My husband may roll his eyes a lot and protest once in a while, but for the most part, he goes along with all of it.  He knows he really doesn’t have a choice. ha.

I showed you the four paint colors I had narrowed it down to for my kitchen and breakfast nook walls. 

Can you guess what my choice was?


It was Wind’s Breath by Benjamin Moore.

I am so happy with the choice.  It is white without being white – do you know what I mean?  A pure white would not look good in my house given the style of home it is, but this neutral is perfect.  It looks like a warm white with a hint of gray.  An oxymoron in a way.


Benjamin Moore Wind's Breath

As I mentioned, the base color in my house is a custom wheat-like color that I like, but I wanted my kitchen to be a little brighter. I had an accent wall in a stony –taupe that while a beautiful color, certainly didn’t help with the “bright factor.”


Benjamin Moore Wind's Breath Kitchen BEFORE picture -

The combination of the tone-on-tone stripes and the darker accent wall look a little strange without the furniture and decor in there but it worked for how it was styled previously.  But, since I’m making the entire space over with new furniture, lighting, etc…  it definitely needed to go.

SIDE NOTE – if you are getting ready to paint stripes,I have a few tips in this previous post that will help you avoid mistakes and paint bleed-through.


Bejamin Moore Wind's Breath In Kitchen -

Because we live on acreage and it is private, I keep most of my windows free from any type of curtains/blinds etc… by choice.  I want to enjoy our orchard view, especially from the back.  It is bright and cheery from the morning light but not so much in the afternoon. I’m trying to fix that with my paint and lighting choices – and furniture choices as well, which I will explain when I do a full reveal in the near future.

The paint alone makes it so much brighter.  Love it!


Benjamin Moore Wind's Breath Kitchen BEFORE picture - (2)


Benjamin Moore Wind's Breath In Kitchen - (2)

So, there is a sneak peek at the progress. 

Let’s talk about the paint.  I’ve talked about it before when I painted and restyled my den, but if you missed it, I just need to say once again that Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint line is the best I’ve ever worked with for interior walls.  I’ve been using it for about a year now and have been very happy with it every time. 

For the most part, it only requires one coat.  Even on my dark wall, I only had to do touch-ups in places.  It is amazing how well it covered it the first time.  I do not like to use rollers when I paint (I know…gasp!) A standard pad for the surface and 2” angled brush for cutting in are all I need.  You will not see any “strokes” with this paint and it dries very quickly. 

It really is the best and I highly recommend it for your next paint job.  It is a little spendy but definitely worth it.  Time is money in my book! 

And no, this is not a sponsored post for BM…just my personal opinion from personal experience.

I’ll be working at the store today and teaching a paint class tomorrow.  My goal is to get some furniture painted next week – a couple of pieces for me and a couple of pieces for the store. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

Have a super weekend and always, always…

Be inspired.

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  1. I really like this Shari. I thought this had a touch of beige in it, oh well so much for computer monitors! What are we painting next? LOL

  2. chris aka monkey says:

    shari..this does make a world of difference…great color choice can’t wait to see the rest xx