How To Display Seasonal Potpourri In A Beautiful Way


One of my favorite things about fall is color. It is everywhere.  Vibrant.  Fresh.  Diverse. Even if you aren’t one to add touches of the season to the inside of your home, it is all there the minute you walk outside your door. For the lucky ones who live where there are four seasons, it is everywhere.  … [Read more...]

DIY: Family Gift Exchange 2013


Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  Ours was busy – John, Cassidy and I spent all day yesterday painting down at the store.  I am going to love having fresh surroundings for my spring inventory. Although our nights have been cold, our days have been sunny which has made it easy to think spring with regard to retail. Back … [Read more...]

A Needed Break & Good Tidings To All


Merry Christmas Eve Eve as my children would say. It has been quite the month so far.  The working Spirits that oversee my blogging have been trying to send me a message.  Computer problems. Winter weather. 6 day illness. It is time for a little break. My plans for December never came to fruition and … [Read more...]

Oh Christmas Tree(s) Oh Christmas Tree(s) With Squirrels, Snowshoes and Wooden Skis


Good morning! Is there anything better than a Christmas tree?  Growing up, we would ALWAYS go up into the woods and cut our own.  We would NEVER buy a tree.  I remember wanting to go into town and buy a tree so badly – to have the “perfect” tree instead of those uneven, untrimmed trees that came “from the wild.”  … [Read more...]

DIY: Sparkle Glass Christmas Tags


Happy Monday all! Today I have an easy DIY for you that you can whip out in an afternoon – and add some handmade beauty to all the gifts you wrap. Remember thefrosted pumpkins I did a while back?  This project uses the same glitter glass.  (Again, if your local craft store does not have it, you can find it … [Read more...]

My Tree-Lined Christmas Mantel 2013


Time is a-ticking! It is December 11th and I already feel like it is too late to share my mantel with you - but it is a tradition, right? At least it has been for the three years I’ve been blogging. This year, I went a little neutral, a little rustic and a little glam. And a little repetitive. Trees. Trees. … [Read more...]

Where Have I Been? Our First Winter Storm Of The Season


Good morning!!  Well, it has been about a week since you heard from me last.  I have had the WORST luck with computers.  I won’t send you into an abyss of technical boredom with the details – but the good news is that it is over (knocking on wood right now.) So, how has your week been?  I’m sure many of you have been affected … [Read more...]

The Cabin, The Sled & The Squirrel Christmas Display

Good morning! Yesterday I showed you some pictures from our local Festival of Trees that we attended over the weekend.  The trees were auctioned off at a private party but there were plenty of wreaths, stockings, gift baskets and more that were for silent auction to the public  - or simply ready to buy.  As the proceeds … [Read more...]

Come See This Magical Winter Wonderland Of Christmas Trees!


Welcome to December!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It was an action-packed holiday weekend in our household which included a visit to our annual Festival Of Trees. It is a charity event and this year the proceeds went to Children’s Miracle Network. I didn't think I'd be able to take pictures and was somewhat … [Read more...]

How To Flock Your Christmas Tree With Two Ingredients


Good morning all!  This is it…the last day of prepping before the fun begins.  Are you ready?  I’m not – yet – but I will be by this afternoon. Knock on wood!! Today, I am over at Debbie’s sharing how to flock your own Christmas tree with as little, or as much, “snow” that you want to see – and doing all of it with TWO … [Read more...]