A Bowl Full Of…Towels. Say what?


Good morning, Today is going to be short and sweet.  I have been very busy with work and getting ready for Easter weekend.  We are running another race and it takes a lot of planning and preparation – which I’m up to my neck in right now.  It is all good though. Because I have been so busy with work, I have not been … [Read more...]

Furniture Debut: Cinder Road

Antique Larkin Hutch Makeover -  Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - Cinder Road - Turnstyle Vogue - www.turnstylevogue.com (6)

Good morning! I hope your week has been a good one.  We are drowning in blue skies and warm temperatures here and it is supposed to get even warmer this weekend. Feels like summer. I have something else that feels like summer – today’s furniture reveal.  I was going to debut this piece on Monday but what the heck, … [Read more...]

Furniture Debut: Lady’s Slipper


Good morning! Well, today I have the reveal that I intended to show you yesterday.  You should have seen me maneuvering things around at the store to get these pictures and pictures of the other piece I will be showing you later on. I can guarantee I would have been Monday’s comic relief.  But I prevailed. The … [Read more...]

Almost A Furniture Debut, But…


Good morning, I am so bummed.  I have a few pieces of furniture done and ready to reveal but I had to get them into the store and didn’t have time to stage and photograph them in my shop here at home. My intent was to style and get pictures once I got them in the store but as luck would have it, I forgot my camera. … [Read more...]

Furniture Debut: Lilypad


Good morning, I hope you all had a fun weekend.  We are just finishing up spring break as I know many of you are as well.  The rest of the school year will fly by now! Today I’m showing you a buffet makeover just in time for an Easter celebration. You can see from the before that while it has good bones the finish … [Read more...]

How This Green Swan Caused Me Childhood Trauma


Happy Friday! With all of the snow that has been hitting many parts of the country I’m sure the ol’ “I had to walk three miles uphill in the snow to get to school” story has been shared more than once.  Sharing childhood tales, whether faux or faux-real, with our kids is human nature for a parent.  Agree?  Well, not … [Read more...]

Display Stand Milk Paint Makeover


Hello! As you know, I am a certified retailer for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, along with American Paint Company’s chalk/clay/mineral paint.  Most of my customers – as well as readers – use the paint for furniture makeovers.  When it comes to the milk paint specifically, some are intrigued but a little intimidated as well … [Read more...]

Look What I Found This Weekend!


Hey! Well, I am writing this post and trying to recover from The Good Wife episode I just watched at the same time – not an easy task. Oh. My. Gosh.  I’m not attached to a lot of shows, but this is one that I’m invested in so to speak.  As are my girls. It is our Sunday night fix.  And we aren’t happy. So… I’m going … [Read more...]

Showing Off “My” Paints


Well hello there all you painters! As you all know, I am spending many hours trying to get the store up to snuff. My standards. <sigh…> I have found that sometimes I can beat myself up over the little things while the bigger things are still waiting to be attended to. Small things like something being out … [Read more...]

How To Style Your Coffee Table Tray The EASY Way


Good morning! Somebody commented to me the other day that my coffee table display looked “so put together” and that they could never get theirs to look good. Good news:  that is so not true. Do you ever stare at your ottoman, coffee table, bookshelves, or other space wishing you could figure out how to style it a … [Read more...]