Where Have I Been? Our First Winter Storm Of The Season


Good morning!!  Well, it has been about a week since you heard from me last.  I have had the WORST luck with computers.  I won’t send you into an abyss of technical boredom with the details – but the good news is that it is over (knocking on wood right now.) So, how has your week been?  I’m sure many of you have been affected … [Read more...]

My Home’s Exterior Paint Colors


Happy Friday! Over the last couple of years, since I started this blog, I have received emails asking me what colors we used on the outside of our house.  Most often, people look at it and can’t figure out what is different about it. And most often, we have to point out what it is… We used four colors on it – not the … [Read more...]

My Front Door For Fall….Simple Symmetry


Happy Happy Day! Friday. Today is just a fun day.  Nothing serious. Or mind blowing.  Just Casual Friday. And a casual front porch. Usually, I try to get a little more creative but I’m really focusing on SIMPLE right now –remember my fall mantel?? And this is about as simple as it gets. Yep…the … [Read more...]

Update: MIA, The KNEE, & Summer Look-Backs


Hey there - As you may have noticed, I have been gone for the last couple of days and you may recall me mentioning that Cassidy was going to be having surgery. Well, her knee parts have been reconstructed…   and so has my daily routine – for right now anyway. Let’s hope the fourth time is the charm because this … [Read more...]



Good morning, I’m out in the shop working on more furniture  and finishing up a DIY that I hope to be able to show you tomorrow, but today, it is about weathervanes. I love coming across old weathervanes.  They are such an intriguing part of history and when I see one on an old barn, I think about all it has witnessed … [Read more...]

A Tour Of Alyssa’s New Home

Alyssa's House

Hello to a new week! It was a busy weekend around here for everyone.  Eryn was home for her spring break and since it looks as though she will be transferring back after her spring term ends, we helped her and Cassidy hunt for an apartment.   I think they have decided on the one they want and will most likely be moving … [Read more...]

22 Ideas For Decorating A Spring Porch

Ideas For Decorating Your Spring Porch Going Monochromatic

I had a friend ask me a couple of weeks ago to put together a spring porch inspiration post to give her some ideas for her house. A front porch is what gives someone their first impression of your home.  Regardless of the season or weather, size or shape, it should always be welcoming.  Some people have large covered … [Read more...]

15 Spring Stimulants To Take You Into The Season


Hello!! I’m back from visiting Eryn and ready to get back to work. I must say though, not touching my computer for four days was very liberating.  We had such a good time and it was nice to not think about work for a little bit. I arrived home to sunshine and warmer weather (sort of) so that was nice.  I think you can … [Read more...]

These Christmas Vignettes Lead To A Christmas House Tour. Come See!


Good morning all. Do you know that I have been blogging about home, design, furniture, styling, etc.. now for a little over a year and I have never taken you on a tour of my home? I don’t want that to sound indulgent.   It is just that most bloggers in the home design and styling niche have welcomed their readers into … [Read more...]

So…Just How DO You Harvest A Nut?


TGIF everybody! It has been raining at our place. Not the kind of rain that stereotypes the Pacific Northwest.  We haven’t seen that kind of rain since early June.  This week, it has been raining nuts.  Lots of them.  Filberts here. Filberts there.  Filberts everywhere.  Filberts – aka Hazelnuts. We just … [Read more...]