A Harvest Table Setting With The Dreaded Squirrel


Oh boy!  One week from now… Okay, I won’t go there.  Live in the moment, right? A couple of months ago,  I was at Pottery Barn and picked up a salt and pepper shaker set.  I did it as a joke.  John hates squirrels.  The squirrels eat our nuts.  A lot of them.  We lose a lot of money every year before harvest due … [Read more...]

DIY: 13 Things You Can Create For Your Holiday Table


Happy Friday! Another week closer to Thanksgiving and now it is time for everyone to start their panic engines.  Have you started your menu?  Have you planned family activities?  Have you thought about how you are going to style your table?  Buffet?  Sit down? The list goes on and on and on. I’m here to help Today … [Read more...]

DIY: Frosted Winter Pumpkins With German Glass Glitter


Good morning! Today I have a Cinderella Holiday DIY for you. We are turning ordinary pumpkins into shimmering beauties. Yep.  From this… To this… And better yet, this… So how is it done?  Easy!  I used milk paint and German glass glitter. For those of you not familiar with German … [Read more...]

Seasonal Botanical Beauty Indoors!


Good morning! Are you someone who likes to bring something from the outside into your home when decorating? If you aren’t, then you should re-think that philosophy ASAP!  There is nothing more pleasing to the eye in home décor than nature’s beauty.  I have something from the outside in every room of my home.  It … [Read more...]

DIY Simmer Scent Gift Basket–For Christmas Or Hostess


Good morning! You may recall that around this time last year, I shared my holiday simmer scent recipe with you.  This year, let’s put it all together and create an awesome gift. Cinnamon, Oranges & Cloves… Oh My! This is no-fuss. To be well received. I simply bagged the ingredients and attached a simple … [Read more...]

Per Your Request: The Thanksgiving Trivia Printables


Hey! Well, if there is anything that is telling me Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it is the amount of emails I’m getting asking me to send the questions I used last year on my Thanksgiving Trivia Napkin Rings.  Not to mention the increased pinning. I will admit – I was caught a little off guard by how … [Read more...]

Molasses Cookie Family Recipe–Just In Time For Thanksgiving!


Good morning! I hope you all had a nice weekend.  Did any of you spend some time planning for Thanksgiving?  I know it may sound early to some of you but for those of us who are hosting a colossal group of people, time is ticking! We went out to dinner on Friday with our friends, Jeff & Jean.  Jean asked me what my … [Read more...]

Five Ideas To Jump Start Your Holiday DIY Season


Hey there! I’m over at Debbie’s today sharing a few of my popular holiday season DIY’s from the past. Five of them to be exact.  If you want to join in with the fun, click over to Debbie’s to see what’s what! Have a great day today! Be inspired, … [Read more...]

Uh Oh….Down For A Few Days


Hey everybody - I knew this was coming as the signs have been popping up with different applications for the last week or so. My computer decided to rebel and I will be unable to post for a few days while it is getting fixed. Hopefully a few days is all it will take! Until then, enjoy your week and I'll see you on … [Read more...]

The Weekend: Ducks And Dawgs –And How We Got There


Happy Monday!  There will be no work here today – only a “just because” post. Show & Tell. We are back from a great three-day weekend.  A very nice break from our busy everyday lives.  We headed to Seattle to watch our Oregon Ducks take on the Washington Huskies in a beautiful college football setting. We … [Read more...]