How This Green Swan Caused Me Childhood Trauma


Happy Friday! With all of the snow that has been hitting many parts of the country I’m sure the ol’ “I had to walk three miles uphill in the snow to get to school” story has been shared more than once.  Sharing childhood tales, whether faux or faux-real, with our kids is human nature for a parent.  Agree?  Well, not … [Read more...]



Happy Friday! Are you happy? I am! Why? Because my little buddy is okay… Last weekend, he had immediate onset of symptoms that imitated a stroke.   (sorry for bad quality picture – it was enlarged from a cell phone pic) His head was tilting to the far right – even more than the usual “beagle tilt”  and he … [Read more...]

A Whole Lot Of Nothin’


TGIF! I was wondering what I was going to talk about today since my efforts for a cool post fell through.  And you know, I thought I’d talk about nothing. Seinfeld did it. Why can’t I ? Yesterday, I was heading to the store to work on my paint section and got a phone call that detoured me to the emergency room. … [Read more...]

I’m Having A Sale!


Good morning! I was pricing inventory today and putting everything in place at the store when it just hit me. Why not have an online sale? I know…I have already whispered that I am putting together a mini-online shop page here at Turnstyle Vogue, but while that is a work in progress, why not just go ahead and do a … [Read more...]

Oh Scout.


Good morning, Today I’m working inside.  The usual business stuff… phone calls, paperwork, etc… But I’m also getting some spring inside the house.  Remember that “forcing spring” thing I mentioned the other day?  In addition, I am expecting a couple of shipments to be delivered and those are going to take a handful of … [Read more...]

The Aggravation Board


Growing up, I was a tad competitive.  I had to be – with 2 sisters and 2 brothers and more cousins than I can count, I definitely I had to hold my own. They expected it.  There was no mercy for me. And it didn’t matter what we were doing. Playing basketball, a card game, or a pine cone fight at my grandma’s barn, it … [Read more...]

Projects In The Queue & My Blog


Good morning! I didn’t mean to be away this long – once again – but things happen.  Right? The last couple of months have been very challenging for me with regard to my blog.  I have been doing this for,over two years and until recently, it was routine to post every day Monday through Friday.  That routine has been … [Read more...]

DIY: Family Gift Exchange 2013


Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  Ours was busy – John, Cassidy and I spent all day yesterday painting down at the store.  I am going to love having fresh surroundings for my spring inventory. Although our nights have been cold, our days have been sunny which has made it easy to think spring with regard to retail. Back … [Read more...]

Oh Christmas Tree(s) Oh Christmas Tree(s) With Squirrels, Snowshoes and Wooden Skis


Good morning! Is there anything better than a Christmas tree?  Growing up, we would ALWAYS go up into the woods and cut our own.  We would NEVER buy a tree.  I remember wanting to go into town and buy a tree so badly – to have the “perfect” tree instead of those uneven, untrimmed trees that came “from the wild.”  … [Read more...]

Den Update: Heritage Photo Wall


Hello all! How was your weekend?  Mine was great – except that my computer quit on me again.  UGH!  I hate computers.  It is on its way to the repair shop – again – but luckily I have a back up this time so it is business as usual (I say that lightly as I am now using John’s tablet and my learning curve is a long, slow one . … [Read more...]