19 DIY Wall Hooks From My Curated Hometalk Board


Do you ever feel like you spend a lot of time on the computer looking for answers to your home decor and maintenance questions?  Do you take the time to type the keyword phrase in the Google bar and then scroll the search results trying to find the best answer to your question?  If so, then I may have a better option for you:  … [Read more...]

The Brass Lanterns


Do you have a vignette or area in your home that has been unchanged for years – even if everything around it is constantly changing?  Usually, after the holidays, I spend a few weeks getting everything deep-cleaned and organized and making some design/decor changes.   This year however, I started early and changed out the … [Read more...]

My Breakfast Nook Makeover Reveal


Well, it has been a while but I’m finally able to show you my breakfast nook makeover.    To refresh your memory, this wasn’t a big makeover – just some paint and furniture changes. The goal was to lighten things up. Here is an old before picture a couple of years ago at Christmas.  Notice the lights, … [Read more...]

Natural Fiber Rugs – The Ultimate Guide


Have you ever been to Cheesecake Factory and found yourself reading the menu over and over again only to get frustrated because there are too many choices?  Selecting a natural fiber rug for your home is a lot like that!  There are so many options, so many factors to consider.  Size?  Color?  Pattern?  Density?  Cost?  … [Read more...]

Creating Stylish Storage Options With More Detail


In the process of creating a home, we all have the same non-discriminatory demand for something important.  Something such as storage.  And even better yet, stylish storage options! We can never get enough of it. Never. We are always wanting more.  Trying to find ways to make it happen. And that one common … [Read more...]

How To Decorate For The Seasons Using Associations, Not Cliches


Okay.  It is confession time. How many of you have gone overboard when decorating for fall, or any season?    So overboard that when you walk into the room it feels like every marketable gimmick has just arrived at your doorstep? I think we have all been guilty of it at some point.  It is easy to do, especially … [Read more...]

Seeing This Makes Me Want To Build Another House – Again…


Have I said that before?  Oh boy, I need some deja vu antihistamines.  STAT. I’m itching like crazy.  No, not the 7-year-marriage itch (I’ve been married 27 years after all) but the 5-year-housing itch. If I look back on our home history, it seems as though I’m ready to make a change about every 5 years.  And after … [Read more...]

In The Store: Fall Preview 2014


I’ve been at the store all week getting it ready for the new retail season.  Can you believe August is almost over?  Craaaazzzzy.  Gone are the summer accents of citrus hues, beach inspired treasures and outdoor activities. While I can feel the change in the air, it seems odd to walk into my store and smell the fall … [Read more...]

The Kitchen Is Painted – See What Color I Chose…


Ahhh……nothing makes a space feel fresher than a coat of paint.   We built our house five years ago and when we hit that five-year mark, it is like all the rooms started taunting me, demanding that they get some touch ups.  If you know me, I’m always happy to oblige when it comes to working on my home even if my schedule … [Read more...]

I Have Narrowed Down My Kitchen Paint Color Choices To These…


Slowly but surely things are moving along in the kitchen.  I so wish it could be a priority but as you all know – work comes first.  Well…and there was that Disney thing.  ha! It is my goal to find a day this week to paint the walls so that means I better get it in gear and select a color. Right now, I have a … [Read more...]