Help Me Choose My Breakfast Nook Chandelier

Pottery Barn Lighting.  Napa Wine Barrel Chandelier

Small spaces can sometimes take a while to makeover.  It is almost like you only have one chance to get it right because every detail stands out.  They can blend, and possibly get lost, in a large room, but in a small room?  Every piece is a star in its own way. I’ve mentioned that I am changing the look of my breakfast area … [Read more...]

How To Layer Furniture In A Few Easy Steps. Say What?!

Home Styling Tips For Layering Furniture

Sometimes something just needs a little oomph to take it over the top. Sometimes however, we can sit, stare and struggle to determine what that “something” is. This girl sits and stares and struggles often. At home, I am always moving things around, bringing “new” things out and putting “old” things away for another … [Read more...]

Can You Guess What Phase One Of My Breakfast Nook Makeover Is?

breakfast nook

Five.  That is how many years it has been since we built our house. And that is how long my nook has been waiting for some attention. nook noun 1.a corner, as in a room. 2.any secluded or obscure corner. 3.any small recess: a breakfast nook. 4.any remote or sheltered spot: a shady nook that was ideal for a … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Those Pesky Blue Picture Anchors When Painting A Wall


Happy Friday!  Last summer, I did a guest post for Debbie and shared a useful tip on making it easier to prep walls for painting.  Since some of you may not have seen that post, I thought I’d share it again today with you all. How many of you have these blue picture anchors sticking in your wall? They certainly … [Read more...]

2014 Can Be The Start Of Something Good In Your Home…


…or not. I guess it all depends on your taste. Happy morning to you! Are you somebody who tries to freshen things up for the new year? Do you try to add something new and trendy to the mix? If so, this post is for you.       1)  Bye-bye loveseats, hello chairs. While furniture manufacturers are not going … [Read more...]

Radiant Orchid….That’s Some Color!

radiant orchid shades

Good morning! This post is for all of you who have been affected by insanely cold and snowy weather – which is pretty much everybody, right? I am here to visually cheer you up. No more SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Well, not for today anyway. Today it is all about Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of The … [Read more...]

My Tree-Lined Christmas Mantel 2013


Time is a-ticking! It is December 11th and I already feel like it is too late to share my mantel with you - but it is a tradition, right? At least it has been for the three years I’ve been blogging. This year, I went a little neutral, a little rustic and a little glam. And a little repetitive. Trees. Trees. … [Read more...]

The Reveal Of My Restyled Den


Happy Friday! As you know, I’ve been giving our den a little makeover.  In reality, I’ve just restyled it with furniture and accessories that I already had throughout the house - after giving it a fresh new paint color.  So more of an “up-do” really. To date, I have given you a couple sneak peeks by showing you the clock … [Read more...]

Den Update: Heritage Photo Wall


Hello all! How was your weekend?  Mine was great – except that my computer quit on me again.  UGH!  I hate computers.  It is on its way to the repair shop – again – but luckily I have a back up this time so it is business as usual (I say that lightly as I am now using John’s tablet and my learning curve is a long, slow one . … [Read more...]

Seasonal Botanical Beauty Indoors!

Good morning! Are you someone who likes to bring something from the outside into your home when decorating? If you aren’t, then you should re-think that philosophy ASAP!  There is nothing more pleasing to the eye in home décor than nature’s beauty.  I have something from the outside in every room of my home.  It … [Read more...]