My Redstone & Violet Window


Hey! So you may notice some quirkiness on the blog today.  As I mentioned before, it is getting a few upgrades and will be in an under semi-construction mode for a bit.  But it shouldn’t mess up your visit so just ignore it. source We had a couple of days of sunshine last week. Teaser days. But it was enough … [Read more...]

Oh Christmas Tree(s) Oh Christmas Tree(s) With Squirrels, Snowshoes and Wooden Skis


Good morning! Is there anything better than a Christmas tree?  Growing up, we would ALWAYS go up into the woods and cut our own.  We would NEVER buy a tree.  I remember wanting to go into town and buy a tree so badly – to have the “perfect” tree instead of those uneven, untrimmed trees that came “from the wild.”  … [Read more...]

My Tree-Lined Christmas Mantel 2013


Time is a-ticking! It is December 11th and I already feel like it is too late to share my mantel with you - but it is a tradition, right? At least it has been for the three years I’ve been blogging. This year, I went a little neutral, a little rustic and a little glam. And a little repetitive. Trees. Trees. … [Read more...]

Where Have I Been? Our First Winter Storm Of The Season


Good morning!!  Well, it has been about a week since you heard from me last.  I have had the WORST luck with computers.  I won’t send you into an abyss of technical boredom with the details – but the good news is that it is over (knocking on wood right now.) So, how has your week been?  I’m sure many of you have been affected … [Read more...]

Antique Schilling Barrel Table


Happy Monday! I’m sure you are all busy getting  ready for Thursday.  I know I am. We had a productive weekend around here…got the store ready for Black Friday, got all of my Thanksgiving groceries purchased, my stuffing bread crumb croutons made/dried/bagged, John put the Christmas lights on both the main house and the … [Read more...]

The Reveal Of My Restyled Den


Happy Friday! As you know, I’ve been giving our den a little makeover.  In reality, I’ve just restyled it with furniture and accessories that I already had throughout the house - after giving it a fresh new paint color.  So more of an “up-do” really. To date, I have given you a couple sneak peeks by showing you the clock … [Read more...]

Den Update: Heritage Photo Wall


Hello all! How was your weekend?  Mine was great – except that my computer quit on me again.  UGH!  I hate computers.  It is on its way to the repair shop – again – but luckily I have a back up this time so it is business as usual (I say that lightly as I am now using John’s tablet and my learning curve is a long, slow one . … [Read more...]

My Home’s Exterior Paint Colors


Happy Friday! Over the last couple of years, since I started this blog, I have received emails asking me what colors we used on the outside of our house.  Most often, people look at it and can’t figure out what is different about it. And most often, we have to point out what it is… We used four colors on it – not the … [Read more...]

I’m Back!! Come See My Clock Wall!


Good morning!! It seems like it has been forever since I last posted.  My computer has been at the repair shop for two weeks.  I just got it back yesterday so the first thing on my list was to get my post up for today.  Thanks for being patient! Today I wanted to share my clock wall that I did in my den.  I mentioned a few … [Read more...]

Office Update: Furniture Pieces–And Some News!


Good morning! So things are back to more-than-busy around here.  Just when I thought I was about to slide into a routine, life happened. Work happened. More about that in a minute…but I know I told you guys I was going to have my office done by the end of September – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Didn’t happen. In my … [Read more...]