A Whole Lot Of Nothin’


TGIF! I was wondering what I was going to talk about today since my efforts for a cool post fell through.  And you know, I thought I’d talk about nothing. Seinfeld did it. Why can’t I ? Yesterday, I was heading to the store to work on my paint section and got a phone call that detoured me to the emergency room. … [Read more...]

While We Are Floating Away…


Good morningI I hope you had a great weekend.  I spent it in Washington visiting family while John and Joey stayed home for baseball tryouts.  So I thought. What John was really doing was building an ark and loading the animals two by two.  After our snowstorm, the area became a flood zone.  We now have a … [Read more...]

A Needed Break & Good Tidings To All


Merry Christmas Eve Eve as my children would say. It has been quite the month so far.  The working Spirits that oversee my blogging have been trying to send me a message.  Computer problems. Winter weather. 6 day illness. It is time for a little break. My plans for December never came to fruition and … [Read more...]

Where Have I Been? Our First Winter Storm Of The Season


Good morning!!  Well, it has been about a week since you heard from me last.  I have had the WORST luck with computers.  I won’t send you into an abyss of technical boredom with the details – but the good news is that it is over (knocking on wood right now.) So, how has your week been?  I’m sure many of you have been affected … [Read more...]

Uh Oh….Down For A Few Days


Hey everybody - I knew this was coming as the signs have been popping up with different applications for the last week or so. My computer decided to rebel and I will be unable to post for a few days while it is getting fixed. Hopefully a few days is all it will take! Until then, enjoy your week and I'll see you on … [Read more...]

Beauty Inside The October Barn


So the barn sale is over and we could not have written a better weather plan for what we were given.  It was a spectacular two days of sunshine and crisp air. Autumn perfection. The sale was fun and successful and plans are being made for bigger and better next May.  I was only able to spend a few minutes taking … [Read more...]

Autumn Barn & Field Festival


Good morning!  Are you ready for the weekend?  I hope to see all that are able at the Barn & Field Festival. Come enjoy the live music and shop for the seasons. Harvest Décor. Christmas Décor. Great Gifts & Entertaining Items. For those that aren’t within driving distance to come see me, be sure to check out … [Read more...]

My New Favorite Stainless Steel Cleaner & Some New Product Peeks


Good morning everyone!  How was your weekend?  Saturday, we worked up at the barn to get ready for the holiday barn sale.  Yesterday, a big storm hit us and forced us to work inside - which is a good thing.  There is just something about the first real storm of the season. We love watching it through the windows.  But…it is … [Read more...]

Autumn Barn Sale–Mark Your Calendars!

Indulge Barn Sale & Field Festival - www.turnstylevogue.com (28)

Good morning! It is that time again. The Barn & Field Festival - for the holidays. October 5th and 6th. Can you believe that is less than a month away?! Food and  live music to enhance your holiday shopping experience. What will I have? Harvest Décor. Christmas Décor. Tabletop and Entertaining … [Read more...]

20 DIY, Styling & Inspiration Starters For Fall

Football Wreath Header

Oh Happy Happy Friday to you all.  Now that Labor Day has passed, and  all the kiddos are back to school, have you switched gears and started to think about fall and everything you want to get done?    Are we talking simple DIY décor? Styling your house to autumn perfection? Creating a bucket list for fun … [Read more...]