Furniture Debut: The Counterpoint


Today you can call me the neutralizer.  The middle child.  The mediator. There has been so much debate  discussion on social media between “painters” and “wood purists.”  Some of it is downright mean and ridiculous.  I don’t understand the thought process. But today I am debuting a piece of furniture that is for … [Read more...]



Happy Friday! Are you happy? I am! Why? Because my little buddy is okay… Last weekend, he had immediate onset of symptoms that imitated a stroke.   (sorry for bad quality picture – it was enlarged from a cell phone pic) His head was tilting to the far right – even more than the usual “beagle tilt”  and he … [Read more...]

20 DIY, Styling & Inspiration Starters For Fall

Football Wreath Header

Oh Happy Happy Friday to you all.  Now that Labor Day has passed, and  all the kiddos are back to school, have you switched gears and started to think about fall and everything you want to get done?    Are we talking simple DIY décor? Styling your house to autumn perfection? Creating a bucket list for fun … [Read more...]

Found Furniture: A General Store Treasure From The Early 1900’s

Good Monday morning! I hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend.  We had baseball both days but the kids came over after Joey’s game yesterday to make me dinner, dessert and surprise me with a second set of these lockers that I so desperately wanted.  I love them – and the kids too.  In lieu of a furniture debut of … [Read more...]

The Antique Wardrobe & Its Spa Treatment


Happy Friday! Mine isn’t has happy as it should be.  My camera card went haywire on me.  Corrupt. Which means no pictures. I had a different post drafted for today but when I went to load all of the pictures yesterday, I found that they were being held hostage by a faulty card. Luckily, I only lost about 20 … [Read more...]

Architectural Salvage Candle Holder On The Cheap!


Good morning! I want to show you a quick tip as to how you can get yourself one of those cool architectural candleholders you see at stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. Something along the lines of this…   Amazon   and this…   Pottery Barn   I love architectural … [Read more...]

10 Furniture Faves from 2012


It is New Year’s Eve and time to say goodbye to 2012.  It has been a busy year full of paint, DIY projects, tablescapes, ideas and reflections.  Since I already showed you 15 of my most popular DIY projects from 2012, today it is time to look back at some of my furniture favorites of the year.   Campagne This … [Read more...]

Choosing, Nurturing & Flocking Your Tree


How many of you will be heading out to get your Christmas tree as soon as those Thanksgiving leftovers are stowed away in the refrigerator and your checkbook is exhausted from Black Friday? For us, the weekend of Thanksgiving means college football and Christmas Vacation so no tree for us quite yet. As much as I love my … [Read more...]

DIY: Class Ring Shadow Boxes

Good morning,How is everyone doing today?  Joey had his opening game last night and came home with a win!  The season begins...My DIY du jour are shadow boxes that display my parents’ high school class rings.  I have had their rings for over 30 years.  I honestly don't remember if they gave them to me or I … [Read more...]

FOUND: Vintage Milk Glass Shakers

Hello Monday!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was all play and little work with friends that came to visit for the weekend.  The best kind, right? A while back, I did a post about using old windows in your décor. I showed you what I have in my home and revealed that many of them were literally … [Read more...]