How This Green Swan Caused Me Childhood Trauma


Happy Friday! With all of the snow that has been hitting many parts of the country I’m sure the ol’ “I had to walk three miles uphill in the snow to get to school” story has been shared more than once.  Sharing childhood tales, whether faux or faux-real, with our kids is human nature for a parent.  Agree?  Well, not … [Read more...]

How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick!

dont give up

Good morning everybody!  Welcome to 2014! So a new year begins which for almost everyone, means some type of “new” start.  Whether it be personal or professional goals, the lists are made and the planning begins. As we all know, it can be difficult to maintain the momentum of change as the year goes on.  Sometimes we … [Read more...]

Oh Christmas Tree(s) Oh Christmas Tree(s) With Squirrels, Snowshoes and Wooden Skis


Good morning! Is there anything better than a Christmas tree?  Growing up, we would ALWAYS go up into the woods and cut our own.  We would NEVER buy a tree.  I remember wanting to go into town and buy a tree so badly – to have the “perfect” tree instead of those uneven, untrimmed trees that came “from the wild.”  … [Read more...]

20 DIY, Styling & Inspiration Starters For Fall

Football Wreath Header

Oh Happy Happy Friday to you all.  Now that Labor Day has passed, and  all the kiddos are back to school, have you switched gears and started to think about fall and everything you want to get done?    Are we talking simple DIY décor? Styling your house to autumn perfection? Creating a bucket list for fun … [Read more...]

Why Is Color An Important Part Of Your Life?

splash of color

Have you ever taken the time to consider why color plays an important role in your activities of daily living? Color determines your mood. Mood determines your productivity. Productivity determines your success. Success determines your happiness. And when I say success, I am not talking about it as a socioeconomic … [Read more...]

Our Chow Bell, Rubber Boots & Memories


Happy Friday everyone! Right outside our sliding door to the backyard, almost within arms reach, is our chow bell. I purchased this chow bell from a roadside shop on the way to the coast when the girls were little – about 16+ years ago.  But it seems much longer than that. As we have bought, sold and built, … [Read more...]

Furniture Debut: Countryside

Furniture makeover using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint with multiple textures, finishes and colors by Turnstyle Vogue

So, how was your weekend? It was great weather here.  Full of baseball, work and chores.  Pretty standard stuff.  Nothing exciting to share but hopefully at some point this summer I can say “Guess what we did this weekend??!!” Until then… I promised a furniture reveal today.  A “big” furniture reveal.  Well, I ran out … [Read more...]

DIY: Framed Abstract Art Featuring Robert Frost

See something you'd like to pin?  Just hover over the picture at the top right and the "Pin It" button will appear!   Happy Friday! As I mentioned yesterday, I finally have a DIY for you today.  I have been so busy with so many things that my DIY projects have been pushed down the priority list.  I’m going to be … [Read more...]

Some Words To Live By When Creating A Home


Good morning, I’m still trying to get caught up on paperwork and inventory  so I can get going on some more DIY and furniture projects to show you.  Hopefully I can get back out to the shop within the next few days and be productive. But don’t hold your breath. For today though, I am keeping it … [Read more...]

How Are These 10 Design Trends For 2013 Holding Up So Far?


Happy, happy Friday! I was looking ahead at the calendar the other day realizing that there aren’t very many weeks left until school is out.  The first quarter of 2013 just whizzed on by.  Summer is approaching! So what does that mean for the forecasted trends of 2013?  Have you been hooked on any of them? Are … [Read more...]