A Bowl Full Of…Towels. Say what?


Good morning, Today is going to be short and sweet.  I have been very busy with work and getting ready for Easter weekend.  We are running another race and it takes a lot of planning and preparation – which I’m up to my neck in right now.  It is all good though. Because I have been so busy with work, I have not been … [Read more...]

How To Style Your Coffee Table Tray The EASY Way


Good morning! Somebody commented to me the other day that my coffee table display looked “so put together” and that they could never get theirs to look good. Good news:  that is so not true. Do you ever stare at your ottoman, coffee table, bookshelves, or other space wishing you could figure out how to style it a … [Read more...]

My Redstone & Violet Window


Hey! So you may notice some quirkiness on the blog today.  As I mentioned before, it is getting a few upgrades and will be in an under semi-construction mode for a bit.  But it shouldn’t mess up your visit so just ignore it. source We had a couple of days of sunshine last week. Teaser days. But it was enough … [Read more...]

How Would You Repurpose A Wheat Sieve?


Good morning! I am back home from Vegas after spending some time with a great group of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint retailers.  Now I’m ready to get back out to the shop and get some more painting done. While I’m doing that, I thought I’d share something wonderful that can easily be repurposed from its original function … [Read more...]

Spring Preview At The Store


Good morning! A few days after New Year’s I started packing away what was left of my holiday inventory to get ready for spring. Then we painted. I removed all of the ceiling tiles to expose the wood beams a few months ago so the paint had to extend high into the rafters.  Luckily, John is 6’4” and although he hates to … [Read more...]

2014 Can Be The Start Of Something Good In Your Home…


…or not. I guess it all depends on your taste. Happy morning to you! Are you somebody who tries to freshen things up for the new year? Do you try to add something new and trendy to the mix? If so, this post is for you.       1)  Bye-bye loveseats, hello chairs. While furniture manufacturers are not going … [Read more...]

Radiant Orchid….That’s Some Color!

radiant orchid shades

Good morning! This post is for all of you who have been affected by insanely cold and snowy weather – which is pretty much everybody, right? I am here to visually cheer you up. No more SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Well, not for today anyway. Today it is all about Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of The … [Read more...]

Come See This Magical Winter Wonderland Of Christmas Trees!


Welcome to December!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It was an action-packed holiday weekend in our household which included a visit to our annual Festival Of Trees. It is a charity event and this year the proceeds went to Children’s Miracle Network. I didn't think I'd be able to take pictures and was somewhat … [Read more...]

The Reveal Of My Restyled Den


Happy Friday! As you know, I’ve been giving our den a little makeover.  In reality, I’ve just restyled it with furniture and accessories that I already had throughout the house - after giving it a fresh new paint color.  So more of an “up-do” really. To date, I have given you a couple sneak peeks by showing you the clock … [Read more...]

Here Is What Will Be Going On My Christmas Tree This Year!


Good morning! Okay..so have we all reconciled the fact that since the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year is short means the time in which we have to decorate our trees and deck our halls is even shorter???! Holy Sleigh Bells Santa Claus! Time to plan.  And plan quickly.   Have you made a plan … [Read more...]