My DIY Color Palette Display

American Paint Company Paint Colors - (11)

Welcome to a new week!  Our weekend was nothing but sunshine and baseball, mixed in with fresh cut grass, a few paint projects and some Easter planning.  A perfect weekend. Since I showed you my furniture reveal of Cinder Road on Friday, today I’m sharing what I swapped it with – a fun display that I’m working on for my … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Those Pesky Blue Picture Anchors When Painting A Wall


Happy Friday!  Last summer, I did a guest post for Debbie and shared a useful tip on making it easier to prep walls for painting.  Since some of you may not have seen that post, I thought I’d share it again today with you all. How many of you have these blue picture anchors sticking in your wall? They certainly … [Read more...]

How This Green Swan Caused Me Childhood Trauma


Happy Friday! With all of the snow that has been hitting many parts of the country I’m sure the ol’ “I had to walk three miles uphill in the snow to get to school” story has been shared more than once.  Sharing childhood tales, whether faux or faux-real, with our kids is human nature for a parent.  Agree?  Well, not … [Read more...]

15 New Uses For Everyday Household Items…The Good AND The Bad!

15 New Uses

Hello! How was your weekend?  I spent a good amount of time out in my shop painting  - I’ve got quite the production line going.  Of course, with sunny weather and temps in the high 60’s, there were some outdoor activities as well.  Hmmm… the wind might have been blowing just a bit.  LOL We are well into March … [Read more...]

American Paint Company – A Better Paint?


Hey there! I hope your week is going well. Mine has been very busy and productive.  I finished two furniture pieces that I’ll show you soon. Painting furniture can be therapeutic and the choice of paint plays a big part in that. I use it all – latex, milk, chalk… …and all along, Annie Sloan has been my choice … [Read more...]

My Blog: Your Input Is Wanted!


Happy Friday! So the other day, I told you how I am making plans to make a few changes on – and with – my blog. And I need your input. First, I am aware of some glitches with my gallery and other photos that suddenly stopped loading.  Not sure why this happened since nothing has changed with my blog format for 18 … [Read more...]

Projects In The Queue & My Blog


Good morning! I didn’t mean to be away this long – once again – but things happen.  Right? The last couple of months have been very challenging for me with regard to my blog.  I have been doing this for,over two years and until recently, it was routine to post every day Monday through Friday.  That routine has been … [Read more...]

2014 Can Be The Start Of Something Good In Your Home…


…or not. I guess it all depends on your taste. Happy morning to you! Are you somebody who tries to freshen things up for the new year? Do you try to add something new and trendy to the mix? If so, this post is for you.       1)  Bye-bye loveseats, hello chairs. While furniture manufacturers are not going … [Read more...]

Radiant Orchid….That’s Some Color!

radiant orchid shades

Good morning! This post is for all of you who have been affected by insanely cold and snowy weather – which is pretty much everybody, right? I am here to visually cheer you up. No more SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Well, not for today anyway. Today it is all about Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of The … [Read more...]

DIY: Family Gift Exchange 2013


Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  Ours was busy – John, Cassidy and I spent all day yesterday painting down at the store.  I am going to love having fresh surroundings for my spring inventory. Although our nights have been cold, our days have been sunny which has made it easy to think spring with regard to retail. Back … [Read more...]