11 Of My Most Popular Posts In 2013


Happy Friday! Two days into 2014 and I’m kind of missing 2013.  Well, not really.  I’m not that sentimental. But it is a good excuse to look back at some projects that generated a lot of emails and pins.   I went bold with this mid-century credenza and the responses were “poppin’” so to … [Read more...]

DIY: Sparkle Glass Christmas Tags


Happy Monday all! Today I have an easy DIY for you that you can whip out in an afternoon – and add some handmade beauty to all the gifts you wrap. Remember thefrosted pumpkins I did a while back?  This project uses the same glitter glass.  (Again, if your local craft store does not have it, you can find it … [Read more...]

DIY: Frosted Winter Pumpkins With German Glass Glitter


Good morning! Today I have a Cinderella Holiday DIY for you. We are turning ordinary pumpkins into shimmering beauties. Yep.  From this… To this… And better yet, this… So how is it done?  Easy!  I used milk paint and German glass glitter. For those of you not familiar with German … [Read more...]

Vintage Style Wooden Christmas Gift Tags & Ornaments


Happy Halloween! But enough about that – let’s talk Christmas. I wanted to share these awesome handmade gift tags that can also be used as ornaments.  I didn’t make them -  I bought them. But my purchase could easily be your DIY! The person who made these paid great attention to detail.  Very crisp, … [Read more...]

DIY: Simple No-Sew Gift Card Holders


Happy Happy Friday! Are you done shopping?  Presents wrapped? {Please don’t say yes.} If you still have some wrapping to do, I have a quick and easy DIY for all of those gift cards you may be handing out.  So easy, in fact, that you can have your kids make them for you.   A DIY where you don't do any of the work? … [Read more...]

DIY: Christmas In-A-Word Ornaments


Good morning! Yesterday, I showed you my take on a Melted Snowman ornament.  Today, we are heading in a different direction. It is all about what Christmas means… in a single word.   I started out by coming up with words that “mean” Christmas to me.  Once I put pen to paper, I came up with many.  Too many.  … [Read more...]

DIY: Melted Snowman Ornaments


Today is the official kick-off to my Christmas season and what better way than with a DIY? How about a Melted Snowman Ornament?  Well, here is my version...     Using clear glass ornaments that you can purchase at any craft store (you can also get plastic), fill each one about 1/4 full with kosher … [Read more...]