DIY: How To Flock A Christmas Tree

How To Flock Your Christmas Tree Using Soap And Water

TGIF everybody!  Since I showed you my DIY German Glass Glittered Wine Stems on Thursday, today is going to be my throwback:  How To Flock A  Christmas Tree.     I shared this with you a few years ago and thought we’d take a look at it again today. I was going to do it all over again – with new pictures (that I … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantel 2012: BELIEVE


I hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was full – a little bit of everything. We saw Red Dawn (and I must say, it was good.  Because it was a remake, I wasn’t expecting much.)  We got our trees.  Three of them – and there is a story that goes along with that expedition that I’ll share when I show my tree.  Luckily we … [Read more...]

DIY: Christmas In-A-Word Ornaments


Good morning! Yesterday, I showed you my take on a Melted Snowman ornament.  Today, we are heading in a different direction. It is all about what Christmas means… in a single word.   I started out by coming up with words that “mean” Christmas to me.  Once I put pen to paper, I came up with many.  Too many.  … [Read more...]

4 Christmas Color Schemes


Yes, we are still about a week away from Halloween, but we all know that the mind wanders, ponders and races when you are sick and parked on the couch.  Being down for a few days made my mind race right through to our Christmas tree. For the most part, I tend to do a lot of the same things with our tree each year.  … [Read more...]