Vintage Style Wooden Christmas Gift Tags & Ornaments


Happy Halloween! But enough about that – let’s talk Christmas. I wanted to share these awesome handmade gift tags that can also be used as ornaments.  I didn’t make them -  I bought them. But my purchase could easily be your DIY! The person who made these paid great attention to detail.  Very crisp, … [Read more...]

My Christmas Trees For 2012


Another week closer to Christmas!  Oh. My. Gosh. I guess that means it is time for our tree reveal.  Three trees and a story to tell, so bear with me! This year, the kids begged for a tall tree.  Yes, we have the high ceilings for it, but I am not a fan of tall trees, unless they are outside. a) They drink a ton of … [Read more...]

Rewind & Fast Forward 12/1/2012


A big fat welcome to the weekend!  Two things are on my agenda today:  getting a Christmas tree and getting some Christmas shopping done.  I know it is only December 1st….but why do I feel like I am behind the eight ball?  My fingers are crossed that today goes as planned and I wake up tomorrow feeling like I jumped ahead a … [Read more...]

DIY: Christmas In-A-Word Ornaments


Good morning! Yesterday, I showed you my take on a Melted Snowman ornament.  Today, we are heading in a different direction. It is all about what Christmas means… in a single word.   I started out by coming up with words that “mean” Christmas to me.  Once I put pen to paper, I came up with many.  Too many.  … [Read more...]