Fall Décor & Styling At The Open House–Part II


Hey there - I have some more pictures from the weekend to show you all with the intent to get your creative juices flowing for your be-here-before-you-know-it fall decorating.  Yesterday was Part I…today is the finale. I did notice that a notification email of my post that usually goes out around 1:30 a.m. PT did not show … [Read more...]

DIY: What Is It?


Happy Wednesday! It is that time again… ??? Do you want to see what I made with Joey’s old jeans? Just click over to Debbie’s and you will get the answer – along with a full tutorial of course.    Just in time for the 4th! Be inspired, … [Read more...]

My Summer Décor Retail Preview

Sneak Peek At Home Decor Items Being Sold By Turnstyle Vogue At Indulge

Good morning all! I know some of you may still be dealing with a little snow, and here, after a week of glorious weather in the 70’s the rain has returned. So what better way to rebel than previewing some summer décor? These are a handful of the items that I will be selling for the summer season at Indulge.   … [Read more...]

DIY: Leather Napkin Rings


Good morning! The month is once again coming to a close and about this time last month, I was over at Debbie’s showing her readers how to make classic all-season, all-purpose leather napkin rings for your table.  Since Easter is a few days away,  I wanted to post about them here just in case some of you missed them.   … [Read more...]

15 Spring Stimulants To Take You Into The Season


Hello!! I’m back from visiting Eryn and ready to get back to work. I must say though, not touching my computer for four days was very liberating.  We had such a good time and it was nice to not think about work for a little bit. I arrived home to sunshine and warmer weather (sort of) so that was nice.  I think you can … [Read more...]

Rewind & Fast Forward 12/16/2012


Good morning, Panic mode has now set in.  I have one week to accomplish more than I can grasp right now between work, home and Christmas.  What about you? While looking at the week ahead, let’s also look at the week that just passed. Monday: It was story time about a 16 foot Christmas tree and how it all … [Read more...]

Caprese Appetizer For Holi-Day or Any-Day


NOTE:  It was bound to happen!  After posting seven days a week since Halloween, I am not able to publish a new post today (Thursday.) So enjoy yesterday's post for another  day and I'll see you tomorrow!   Will you be hosting get-togethers before the big day?  Christmas Eve celebration? Christmas Day dinner? If … [Read more...]

The Perfect Turkey Bling? Sugared Cranberries Of Course!


First things first…for those of you who have a frozen turkey…. Start thawing it!!  Just thought I'd remind you that it is Tuesday already!! Time is a-flyin'. Now, speaking of turkeys, do you dress yours up when you put it on the table? GQ Tom? Hen-Vogue? (get it??) Either way, every turkey deserves to look its … [Read more...]

Butter Beauties For Your Thanksgiving Table? Cut. It. Out!


As I mentioned yesterday, I’m sharing some simple ideas this week that might make your holiday dinner a little easier – or just give it something extra. Today, it is about the butter on your Thanksgiving dinner table. The burning question is: What about the butter? Well, here is what I do…   Yes.  … [Read more...]

Weekend Rewind & A Fast Forward

Rewind Collage 11.10

Thank goodness Saturday has arrived!  What are you doing this weekend? Aside from Joey’s last football game and some college ball, I’m going to be spending the weekend planning Thanksgiving – the menu, the shopping, the entertainment. That means lists. Lots of lists. Which also means my husband will be laughing at me … [Read more...]