Christmas & My Anniversary–All On The Same Day!

Hey there! I pulled into my driveway after taking Joey to the orthodontist yesterday - and having just stopped at the post office to pick up six packages that I had there waiting - to find eight,  large boxes on my back porch from the man in brown. Yippeee!!! I love it when that happens. I’d love it even more if it … [Read more...]

Don’t Throw Away All Of That Christmas Gift Wrap! Do This…


It is Christmas Eve Eve and many of you may still be wrapping presents for the big day. My question to you is:  What do you do with the gift wrap AFTER it has been torn off of the presents on Christmas morning? For the answer, we are going to look back to my post from last Christmas that gave you a … [Read more...]

DIY: Simple No-Sew Gift Card Holders


Happy Happy Friday! Are you done shopping?  Presents wrapped? {Please don’t say yes.} If you still have some wrapping to do, I have a quick and easy DIY for all of those gift cards you may be handing out.  So easy, in fact, that you can have your kids make them for you.   A DIY where you don't do any of the work? … [Read more...]