Celebrate With Thanksgiving Confetti. The DIY Kind.


Whew!  Finally got this post up.  I’ve been having trouble with Internet for the last two days.  I use Verizon Wi-Fi at home and it is not very reliable.  So frustrating.  Hopefully Verizon will get it together soon but in the meantime, please hang in there with me.  Tomorrow’s post may not be up until Saturday – I guess I’ll … [Read more...]

Bring Some Fun To Your Table With Thanksgiving Trivia!


Good morning!  It is day three of my simple Thanksgiving ideas. So far this week,  I’ve shown you a way to repurpose a box into a cupcake carrier and how to create cute butter cut-outs to incorporate into your dinner.   Today, let's add some fun with Thanksgiving Trivia! It is about fun and games. As in “conversation … [Read more...]

Weekend Rewind & A Fast Forward

Rewind Collage 11.10

Thank goodness Saturday has arrived!  What are you doing this weekend? Aside from Joey’s last football game and some college ball, I’m going to be spending the weekend planning Thanksgiving – the menu, the shopping, the entertainment. That means lists. Lots of lists. Which also means my husband will be laughing at me … [Read more...]

DIY: A “Pear” of Turkeys. Or Three.


Yes.  Another pear DIY. But if you are "peared" out...don't get your knickers in a twist.  This is the last one of the season! Are you looking for something fun that the kiddos (big and small) can do to keep them occupied while the master chefs are in the kitchen creating the Thanksgiving feast? Why not put them to work … [Read more...]

I Did What?!?

Saturday Rewind Graphic

Hey everyone! I hope that the last few days, post-Sandy, have found all of my east coast readers (and everyone else over there)  to be safe and damage-free. And electricity blessed! Here is a look back at the week for any of you who may have missed it – and for those of you who just can’t get enough Monday, I showed … [Read more...]

DIY: Pear Place Card Setting


NOTE TO READERS:  My COMMENTS were inadvertently disabled for this post.  It has now been fixed.  Thank you for the emails!!   Happy Monday! Our last days of October are upon us and then we will all be in full swing for the holidays.  Part of my Thanksgiving planning always includes my table.  Buffet or … [Read more...]

October Tablescape: Autumn Orchard


Good morning! It has been a few months since I did a tablescape.  I guess I’ve been focused on other things but it is time to get back in the groove. As you may recall, our daughter’s wedding took place in our orchard during the month of September.   Photo by Studio Coburg I love the setting our orchard provides … [Read more...]

June Tablescape: Casual Citrus


Happy Friday!  It is nearing the end of June and outdoor eating is now in full swing.  This is a no-frills scape, which except for holidays, is how I like to do them.  Today it is casual and comfortable  - and citrus. I used my vintage berry tray as the centerpiece and filled it with lemons and … [Read more...]